Battlefield 4 Patch Notes

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
While the PC version sees a hefty amount of updates to fix a number of issues, the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 receives a smaller, but still just as important, update. A few things have been fixed and they are as follows:

• Fixed a number of dog tags that were showing up as blank in-game.
• Lowered the damage caused by Mobile AA Active Radar missiles to aircraft. The previous damage was incorrectly set too high.
• Improved server crash reporting and performance tracking on all platforms. This should further help us identify and fix server crashes going forward.
DICE are also in the stage of testing and finalising an upcoming client patch for consoles that is expected to come at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. The console server update, detailed above, is now live.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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