Zoo Tycoon Screens Focus on the Cute & Furry

By Chewie,
Most of the media for the upcoming Zoo Tycoon title for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One has focused on the ability to get way up close to the menagerie of creatures available in the game (see here and here for examples). Today's selection of screens is, for the most part, hitting the same notes, with cute looking giraffes, precious little meerkats and cuddly wuddly komodo dragons. However, we also get a look at some of the other activities available to the player, including some top-down zoo management and driving around in a caddy like a maniac.

14/11/13 - Screen 1

14/11/13 - Screen 2

14/11/13 - Screen 3

14/11/13 - Screen 4

14/11/13 - Screen 5

14/11/13 - Screen 6

14/11/13 - Screen 7

14/11/13 - Screen 8

14/11/13 - Screen 9

14/11/13 - Screen 10

14/11/13 - Screen 11

Zoo Tycoon is a launch title for Xbox One. A release date for the 360 has not been confirmed, but it's sure to open its gates to the public shortly.
Written by Chewie
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