Fable Anniversary UI Details

By Joshua Rust, 5 years ago
Fable Anniversary is undergoing the overhaul treatment over at Lionhead Studios. You can tell from earlier screenshots that the amazing Lionhead Studios definitely have this HD remake looking gorgeous.

Today we are going to take a trip back into time and look at some comparison screenshots of what the original masterpiece looked like when it was released on original Xbox in 2004 and what the new game Fable Anniversary looks like beside it. Enjoy!

Startup Screen

The developers have actually made four different startup screen images in attempts to break the monotony when starting up Fable Anniversary.

Fable Anniversary 14

Fable Anniversary 13

Front End and Pause Menu

When opening the pause menu, you'll notice that it's in the form of a book. This signifies the player's start of their story and, as they further their journey, the book will fill up their actions.

Fable Anniversary 8

Fable Anniversary 7

Fable Anniversary 6


Players will have the option to adjust the HUD in Fable Anniversary to a whole new level. Don't like how big the mini-map is? You can adjust its style and size, or even take it off completely.

Fable Anniversary 3

Fable Anniversary 2

This screenshot is also a picture of the new HUD...but where is it? Well, you can actually choose to completely fade it out through altering its opacity, but the HUD also fades in and out when wandering around until it's needed -- such as in combat.

Fable Anniversary 001


One major improvement is how the inventory system is navigated. The first game had tons of layers through which to navigate. The developers have simplified this by dividing everything into sections on one screen. You can navigate between them by using the LB/RB buttons. Both the analog sticks and direction buttons are used to guide through items within each section.

Fable Anniversary 5

Fable Anniversary 4

Quest Completed

Fable Anniversary 10

Fable Anniversary 9

Region/World Map

The world map has been significantly improved by letting gamers filter locations. You can adjust the filter to just show the areas that have active quests or you can change it to show every location.

Fable Anniversary 12

Fable Anniversary 11

Fable Anniversary is expected to hit Xbox 360 in February 2014.
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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