Dead Rising 3 Gets Mega Man

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Over two years ago, Capcom cancelled Mega Man Universe. Since then, the little blue robot has been left to make cameo appearances in Capcom's other titles, especially those related to Dead Rising and its original protagonist Frank West. A Mega Man X outfit could be unlocked and worn by Frank in Dead Rising (Xbox 360). In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the "Rising Dead" DLC allowed Frank to dress up as Mega Man during his bouts. In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360), Frank was able to wear an earlier prototype of Mega Man, otherwise known as Protoman, although gamers had to work hard to unlock this costume. The tradition looks set to continue with Dead Rising 3.

Completing the game once will reward players with the Mega Man X costume. However, if you want to use his Mega Buster, you'll have to beat the game on Nightmare Mode, a mode that increases the difficulty level and reinstalls the francise's trademark time limit. Check out the costume in action below:

Mega Man X 2

Mega Man X 1

If all of that Mega Busting looks like it is too much hard work, you can always resort to traditional zombie bashing. Have a quick glimpse at the upcoming action with a glance at this new trailer.

Little snowflakes will fall from the sky when Dead Rising 3 is released on November 22nd.

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Rebecca Smith
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