Ryse: Son of Rome Flies Through Locations

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Ryse: Son of Rome is soon to hit retailers across 13 regions when the Xbox One launches next Friday. Developer Crytek is getting keen to show off the graphical prowess of its title on the next generation. As a result, the following videos don't simply walk through a level, they fly through it. The first video showcases the capital of the Roman Empire. The streets of Rome shine.

Our vision of the Roman capital is about wealth, order and power. Rome is at the height of its glory, the centre of civilization. The streets are paved with marble and gold, and the landmarks are a testament to the military might of this ancient super power. Nero's Palace shines like a temple in the city of seven hills, a beacon of luxury and decadence.

Next up is York, a city that hasn't faired quite so well. Rome's corruption has led to its ruin.

Brittania is the final frontier of the Roman Empire and York its capital. We portray this city as a beacon of Roman order, the first line of defence against the barbarian hordes. But Rome's corruption has taken its toll and this once great city has a darker side. Its people live in squalor, fighting for survival in an endless war while their masters hide behind their walls in decadent luxury.

Finally, we head all the way to the other end of the spectrum with a look at the Haunted Swamps, home to the barbarians of the north.

Far past the frontier, beyond the northern mountains, lies a landscape devoid of civilization. Untouched by the power of Rome, in the Haunted Swamps lives the barbaric army of Glott, the Minotaur King. This heart of darkness is a place of madness, full of blood-thirsty rituals and sacrifices to the pagan gods -- a place where few go and none return.

Ryse: Son of Rome is due to be released for the Xbox One on November 22nd.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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