Ultra Street Fighter IV Focuses on New Characters

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
When Ultra Street Fighter IV is released. it will add five new characters to the roster. One of those still remains under wraps as it is a character that has never been seen in a Street Fighter title before. The other four are characters that will be familiar to Street Fighter X Tekken players. Although I say "familiar", the characters will only be familiar in appearance. The four will have altered "universal character rules", such as hit animations, hit stun and damage, to fit in with the different rules that will be found in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Last week we were able to take a look at the new signature special moves for each character. Today we get a general overview of each character and their fight-style.


She is a master of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. While she previously had few options after performing low attacks, this has now been changed. Elena is now a "fun, mid-ranged" character who is also great both low and high at close-range. Her kicks still hurt too.



Hugo is a grappler. As well as his powerful throws, opponents need to look out for his corner pressure. As Capcom's Peter Rosas states: "Once he puts you there, you may never get out!"

17/11 Hugo


Previously weak in damage despite having the moves to fit any situation, this problem has been solved. She still has the variety of attacks but now she will specialise in close-range, although she can cope quite happily against mid-range and projectile attacks.

17/11 Poison


This character has received the least changes of the four. His moves were already diverse and he could control space effectively both while attacking and defending. His movement and style is similar to that in Street Fighter X Tekken, although "he will not be taking any prisoners this time around".


Ultra Street Fighter IV will arrive in Japanese arcades in April 2014. The Xbox 360 version of the game will arrive "soon after". While "soon after" could mean anything, the new content is promised to arrive before EVO in July 2014.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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