UK Game Classification Changes Delayed

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Time for some UK centric video game industry news. The Video Standards Council over here in the UK have previously announced the switch to the Pan European Games Information content rating system (that's PEGI to you and me) in favour of the BBFC system used currently.

However, it has now become apparent that this switch won't occur until April 1st 2011, upon which date the PEGI system becomes legally enforcible. The current position with regard to PEGI is merely a suggestive guideline. A recent change to the UK's Digital Economy act means that the legally binding aspects of PEGI cannot be brought into force yet as explained by the Video Standards Council:

The Digital Economy Act has been passed in the UK but has not yet been made effective. This means there is no change in the procedure for releasing games in the UK.
So, in summary, put it down to 'red tape'.