Windows 8 and Windows Phone DOTW: Nov 21st, 2013

By litepink,
Now that the Xbox games library has grown on Windows 8, Microsoft has expanded their "Red Stripe Deals" to Windows 8. We haven't quite figured out yet whether we should be showcasing these deals separate from the Windows Phone offers. On one hand, they are two different platforms with different deals. On the other hand, they're both branded as "Red Stripe Deals", and run from Thursday to Wednesday. They also both feature the once unnatural phenomenon of earning achievements outside of the Xbox 360.

Without further ado, here are the Windows 8 and Windows Phone offers this week.

Windows Phone

Farm Frenzy 2 (WP) - $2.99/£2.29 $0.99/£0.79
If you think life in the big city is crazy, wait until you get a load of the country life in Farm Frenzy 2, while managing a wild and wacky farm!

The fun never stops as you grow grass, feed chickens, collect eggs and take your produce to market. From there, you'll spend the money you earn on additional buildings that produce exciting new products, including delicious steaks, tasty cakes and quaint down home apparel. You've got to stay on your sun-kissed toes, though, to keep the bears from tearing up your farm.
With tons of levels to complete, plenty of hidden gags to find and an empty shelf begging to be filled with trophies for outstanding achievements, Farm Frenzy 2 will keep you busy throughout the dog days of summer and long after the harvest!
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Windows 8

Reckless Racing Ultimate (Windows) - $4.99/£3.49 $2.49/£1.79
The ultimate edition of the acclaimed Reckless Racing top-down racer series is here and exclusive to Windows 8. Now bigger and dirtier than ever! Download the free trial today!

Race on a huge selection of road and dirt tracks, single and multi-player events, modded cars and trucks, and challenging game modes. Whether it's a muscle car in the dirt, a monster truck in gravel, or a dune buggy in the snow, if you can build it - you can race it.

Tweak, upgrade and customize your car collection as you level up in your racing career. Earn your place on the Xbox Leaderboards in both Career and Arcade modes.

Challenge your friends in a variety of multiplayer modes including 1 on 1 rally racing and fastest lap. Track your multi-player invites, and results on the go right on your Live Tile.

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to get Reckless!

•• Featuring 24 vehicles, 20 Career mode cups, 50 arcade challenges and over 150 customizable events!
•• Physics driven handling - Drift like a champ!
•• Play the free trial featuring 3 cup races, an arcade challenge and access to car upgrades!
•• Beautifully rendered hand-drawn environments.
•• Challenge your friends via Xbox Multiplayer
•• See how you stack up against the competition with Xbox Leaderboards
•• Earn gamerscore with Xbox Achievements
•• Touch, mouse/keyboard and USB Xbox controller support.
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