Xbox One Party Details

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
We interrupt your launch day gaming on your brand new console for this important PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT.

After successfully partying for almost an entire generation, there was no way that Microsoft would let the Xbox One launch without details on how to keep the party rolling on the new console. Fortunately, Microsoft's Chief Party Officer, Major Nelson, turned his blog over to Steve Dolan who filled in details on how you can make Andrew WK jealous with your party skills on the Xbox One.


When you're playing games online on your shiny, new Xbox One, you're already part of an Xbox Live party. Like the 360, you'll also be able to see your friends list, the game(s) that your friends are playing, and if your friends are partying with anyone else. Just like the 360, you'll be able to set if your party is joinable or if it's invite only.

Party 1

Joining Parties

As you're playing your game and minding your own business, you may see a party that you'd like to join. If you find that the match and the party is open, you can simply join it if there's room and the game thinks you're a good fit using the Smart Match system (which takes skill and playing style into consideration); you'll be offered a slot automatically. If the game is full, you can busy yourself with other games, apps, and activities while you wait for a slot to open. When more players can be added, you'll get a pleasant pop-up notification and a limited amount of time to accept and join that game.

Party Scout

Here's the cool new feature that's going to be all the rage for our boosting community. By combining parties and Smart Match, Party Scout is created. Suppose, for instance, that you're watching Netflix and a friend of yours pops online wanting to hunt down specific achievements from the new DLC map pack for your favorite shooter. That friend can set up an online party and select the playlist that you'll need to pop that achievement. You can keep watching your Netflix while matchmaking runs and, when the match is ready, you'll get a sweet "match found" notification. You can then accept the match and launch right into the game.

Party 3

As you would expect, you can also Snap your party to run next to a game, in the background, or even take full screen.

Party 2

You may now resume your launch day gaming. Thank you for your attention.
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