Xbox One Achievement and Challenge Tracking

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
Morning all!

As you are all aware, the Xbox One launched yesterday, and with it comes a new brand of achievement - the challenge!

You can read more about Xbox One achievements and challenges here. tl;dr - challenges have zero Gamerscore and they are time-limited.

At the moment, the Xbox One achievements and challenges are being separated from the existing achievement system by Microsoft, as you'll know if you've looked at your profile page on recently and you have popped an Xbox One achievement. That has meant that it's taken us longer than hoped to get Xbox One achievement tracking enabled here on TA - however, we are now testing that functionality!

There's a vast amount of new code and data that has been required for this, so while we test everything we are only running Xbox One tracking for TA Pro subscribers. This is only temporary while we make sure it's all working correctly.

You will notice a couple of thing if you look at any Xbox One game pages (take Forza Motorsport 5 for example):

- there's a new tab called Challenges

- there's no achievement icons (although there are for challenges)

- challenges have no TA or GS but you can see when they are due to expire

The achievement images are a bit of a problem as they have replaced the nice 64x64 pixel images with huge screenshots (for example, this is one for Forza. They aren't even square, so a simple resize might not cut it. We're currently working on a solution for this.

The other thing you'll want to know is that Challenges are being kept separate from achievements here on TA as well. If you want to see the challenges you've unlocked or are yet to unlock, there's a new menu item under your gamepic menu called My Challenges

There will be a lot more functionality to come for challenges, and what we have now is still in Beta so you may find bugs. Please post them in the Bug Reports Forum).

Enjoy your Xbox One!


P.S. There was a bug displaying the text for some votes (games we had de-duped against regional variations) on the hub - this is fixed now, and rest assured that none of your votes were mis-counted, it was purely a display issue.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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