Full List of Xbox One's Kinect Commands

By Zinn Gravey, 5 years ago
Xbox One has been released upon the world and Kinect is probably misunderstanding people everywhere. There are people who are likely to be throwing random commands at Kinect while hoping to get to the Home Page and only managing to bring up their Friends List.

If you are one of these people, getting frustrated and angry at your little black box, Microsoft has released a PDF file that you can access here, which gives you the full list of gestures and voice commands that Kinect knows. If you own an Xbox One and can't get your Kinect going, check it out and have a play with the commands. They may make your gaming experience all the sweeter whilst playing your next-gen machine.

Are there any commands or gestures you think should have been included in Kinect? Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed there isn't an 'Xbox, do a barrel roll' command.