New Hellraid Trailer Widens Your Perception

By Joshua Rust, 5 years ago
While gamers may be disappointed that Hellraid got pushed back to 2014, many additions that the game wouldn't have had otherwise are being added due to this. Props go to Techland, the Dead Island (Xbox 360) creators, for knowing that they needed more time and making the most of it.

One feature that is being added to Hellraid that most of us might not even think about is an adjustable field of view (FoV). While most games don't allow you to adjust this setting, Techland has decided to implement it into this game to give players the freedom to personalize their experience in order to get the most out of Hellraid. Why don't developers give the option to adjust this in each game? Here's a brief statement on why most developers leave it out, taken from the Hellraid blog:

What we see in games is limited by the edges of the screen, while we still see what’s next to or behind it. If the screen image offered a 180-degree FoV, it would collide with the 180-degree field of view that the players perceives the real world with. Their brain and inner ear could get confused, which would cause a headache or dizziness.
In addition to that, the bigger developers avoid this because gamers could receive deformation and distortion of locations, objects in the game, and the character’s hands and weapons that they hold while playing, thus ruining the experience for the gamers. Techland has created a new system and it will allow gamers to adjust this setting while maintaining the visuals in-game. Hellraid will have a 75-degree FoV default setting. If that doesn't suit the gamers' preference they can adjust it to between 40 and 100-degrees.

This video shows different examples of adjusting the FoV:

An exact release date hasn't been announced yet, but Hellraid will release sometime in 2014.
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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