New Teaser Image for The Walking Dead Season Two

By Marc Caccamise, 5 years ago
Please be advised: The article may contain spoilers for those who have not completed Season One of The Walking Dead. The image below reveals another character from Season One that will be returning in the newest season. Therefore, whether deemed major or minor, it may be a plot spoiler in terms of finding out who survived. If you have not completed the first season, proceed with caution.
Coming off the heels of an eventful mid-season finale of The Walking Dead TV show, Telltale Games has released a new teaser image, revealing another character that will be making a return from Season One of The Walking Dead game. Revealed back in October, The Walking Dead: Season Two will come in the form of five downloadable episodes beginning this month and running into 2014. The game picks up many months after the events of Season One, and the choices that you made in both that season, and in the "400 Days" DLC, will bear their own consequences in the story moving forward.

Now, as for the character who will be returning in the Season Two premiere episode, "All That Remains", it is none other than:

If you recall from last season, the last time that we saw Omid, and Christa for that matter, was after they were separated from Lee and were told to meet up at a choice of different locations. After that there was no real way of knowing what their fate was. That, of course, is until now, as we now know that apparently Omid at the very least survived the season, while Christa's status is still unknown.

Whether Omid will accompany Clementine throughout the entirety of Season Two or only for a short time remains to be seen. The first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two is set to release sometimes this month.
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