Achievement Preview: How the Saints Save Christmas

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
After an all-too-long hiatus that saw a new console launch, the mass slaughter of large birds for the enjoyment of American families, and the feeding frenzy of holiday shopping season, the Achievement Preview Spotlight is BACK with a look at next week's hot DLC release for Saints Row IV, "How the Saints Save Christmas".

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Basics time, kiddos. You want some sweet, sweet achievements? "How the Saints Save Christmas" has them... all 100G worth. That's right, much like "Enter the Dominatrix", this DLC only has 100 delicious points spread over ten achievements. At this time, four of those achievements are also "Secret", leaving six (I can do math!) for us to take a look at.

We'll kick things off right at the best place to start: the beginning.

...A Saint Gets a Gun in Saints Row IV
Ring all the bells in town in 'Miracle on 3rd Street'.

You know the old saying, "Every time a bell rings, a Saint gets a gun," right? Maybe it's just me, but I can't wait to see the Saints wishing "Merry F*-ing Christmas" to every business on Main Street. Now all they need is a mod to put Jimmy Stewart's voice on your lead Saint.

Get that Kid to a Psychologist in Saints Row IV
Find all the snowmen vignettes in the North Pole.

Quick side note: Who doesn't love these achievement names, right?

Second side note: Who still doesn't hate collectible achievements?

Minty Fresh! in Saints Row IV
Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in 'The Fight Before Christmas'.

Alright, you've got me here. Just how long is this barricade and do you really have to physically lick it? Frankly, I can't wait to see what popping this achievement actually entails. Is it a double entendre? Inquiring minds want to know!

Dear Santa in Saints Row IV
Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.

Hooray, more collectibles.

A Very Genki Holiday in Saints Row IV
Complete all instances of Genki Holiday.

The Good News: Genki's Back!

The Bad News: Genki's Back!

Seriously though, the fact that Volition wants you to complete all of the instances of "A Very Genki Holiday" (and, similarly "Naughty and Nice") means that they put a lot of time, energy, and humor into them, right?

At the end of the day, this content is designed for those who really love Saints Row IV more than those who are simply after some Gamerscore. You'll be playing this to get back into that simulation just as much (if not more) than to pop ten achievements.

"How the Saints Save Christmas" is due to be released on December 11th and will cost $6.99/£4.69. Those lucky few who purchased the Season Pass will be able to download the content in-game at no extra cost.
Jonathan Barnes
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