Gastronaut Studios Acquired and Announces New Game

By GameTagwastaken,
Gastronaut Studios, developer of XBLA hit Small Arms announced that they are working on a new game titled Gel: Set & Match. Gastronaut Studios is also working on adapting Peggle for XBLA and was a collaborator on Feeding Frenzy 2.

Gel is being described as a spiritual successor to the studio's first game "Fuzzee Fever" for the Xbox. The game will feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer gameplay as well as three different game modes. The game is described as a puzzle-action hybrid with sidescrolling action and puzzles. Each player controls a character that can manipulate colored blocks on the screen with the goal being to match four or more blocks.
No release date or price has been announced.

Today, PopCap games announced that they would be purchasing Gastronaut Studios. Gastronaut's employees will be joining PopCap as part of the acquisition and acquire the rights to Gastronaut technologies. Gastronaut's founders will retain the rights to their original properties, including the aforementioned Gel and Small Arms.

Now that they are no longer working out a purchase agreement, PopCap/Gastronaut can finally announce a release date for Peggle on XBLA.