December Update Trailer for Final Fantasy XI

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Gamers still exploring the massive world of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI can take a quick five-minute break (after all these years!) and check out this new update trailer that's been released for the title.

Square Enix showcases plenty of new features to be released this month for the title. Watching the video, new goodies are showcased such as new trust magic and high-tier mission battles; system improvements will also be included with faster movement and the option to teleport between home points easier. Just when you think the trailer can't detail anymore good stuff to come, Square Enix unleashes a few more surprises!

With the aim of making the game easier to play and access for those who may not be firing the disc up for a 24-hour session, Matsui, a developer of the Square Enix Team goes in to detail regarding two new content systems and content for the hardcore:

Records of Eminence
Records of Eminence is content where you accomplish small-scale to mid-scale tasks.
We've made some tasks that are a bit different than before, so it won’t just be battling monsters like you are all used to. We recommend doing this content by undertaking the tasks on the way to doing the content you plan to do for the day. With version updates later down the line we will be adding even more types of tasks to undertake.

The Trust system is content where you will be able to adventurer with the famous NPCs you know and love. There are particular characteristics for each NPC when it comes to jobs and action patterns, so please enjoy adventuring with the NPC that fits you best. On the other hand, you might just change yourself a bit to fit better with the NPC you really like. For this content as well, we will continue to implement NPCs that you can adventure together with.

Content for the hardcore
Mission battlefields will be making a comeback with new found power. Naturally, the rewards will be stronger as well. For this update, we've prepared the Ark Angel battles and Divine Might. You’ll be able to set the difficulty for these battles as well, so you can get a feel for the strategy by setting it easier or just jump straight into the high difficulty. We’re looking forward to having you challenge them!
There are tons of missions, quests, areas, monsters, content, and much more detailed in the charts you can view following this link.

The 'December 2013 Version Update' is scheduled for release next Wednesday on December 11th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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