TA Gaming Stats - December 2nd to 8th 2013

By Chewie, 5 years ago
This report is for the period December 2nd to December 8th 2013.

Last week I explained that, in order to decide who should remain on my team of helpers from the overstuffed pool of Ewok Statisticles and Gremlin Mogwai Meanies, I asked them all to provide me with fantastic birthday presents and the decision would be made based on who got me the best prezzies. Well, the votes are in and I can reveal that technically the Mogwai Meanies won. All of them, but only because the Statisticles didn't get me anything and the gifts the Gremlins got me were stuffed Statisticles. Because I found this solution rather unsavoury and more than a little creepy, I decided to let all the Mogwai Meanies go start from scratch hiring a new batch of loyal, non-threatening Statisticles. The Meanies won't go home empty-handed though. To thank them for all their hard work getting the One stats up and running (although they still haven't sorted out One Achievements Won) I gave each of them a going away present: a sunbed.

Games Started
30,312 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 46,370 games between them (1,816 different games).

I thought a whole new console would make for interesting numbers! With no new releases since the One's launch, this table is already starting to get stale, with the same titles taking up mostly the same positions. Unfortunately, this is probably going to remain the case until we start to get some more new releases in the new year, apart from the usual Christmas boost in numbers thanks to gamey gift giving.

Notable shifts include Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One) slipping back down to fifth place after last week's surge up into second, whilst Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) takes joint first place (exactly the same number of starters!) with persistent number one title Dead Rising 3. The other titles shuffle around slightly, but all see an overall drop in numbers.

Top Xbox One Games Started

Wait, there are people who still haven't played the original Gears of War? Apparently so, as the latest "Games with Gold" freebie takes nearly 1,300 starters thanks to its price lancing. Following behind the 2006 classic is another older title: 2011's Dark Souls, which takes over 800 starters thanks to an alluringly hefty discount on this year's Cyber Monday sale. No other retail titles discounted from that sale prove popular enough for the table, although the Deal of the Week that followed shortly after no doubt influenced the numbers for Saints Row IV in tenth.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

Cyber Monday has a much bigger impact on Arcade, with a massive number of nearly 1,700 players grabbing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon thanks to its stupendous discount. The other title discounted on the day, BattleBlock Theater, doesn't claim anywhere near the same number of starters (less than a third), but its over 500 manage to secure it a third place position behind the preceding month's "Games with Gold" title, Iron Brigade.

The ongoing Black Friday deals continue their impact, with Wolfenstein 3D, Motocross Madness, The Cave and Mark of the Ninja all maintaining spots on the table.

Top Arcade Games Started

It won't be long before it's shut down for good, but recently relisted strategy title Galactic Reign (WP) continues to lure players in who are keen to grab its achievements before it's gone. This week it retains its first place position despite dropping from 300 to under 180 starters.

This week's Deal of the Week title, Final Fantasy (WP), proves a lot less popular than I would have thought considering the familiarity of its franchise. Only 50 players started it, giving it an eighth place position.

A few of the preceding week's sale titles continue to do well (better than this week's), with Halo: Spartan Assault (WP) maintaining 120 starters in third, and EA special sale titles, Zuma's Revenge! (WP), The Game of Life (WP) and Trivial Pursuit (WP), still hanging around.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
5,455 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 7,419 games between them (1,193 different games).

Although the number of completions for LocoCycle (Xbox One) remains steadily over 70, it loses its first place position this week thanks to the rise in completions for Dead Rising 3, which over doubles its completions from 65 to 135.

Most other One games also begin to gain traction, picking up higher number this week. Both Ryse: Son of Rome and CoD: Ghosts grow from the 20s to the 60s, whilst Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox One) and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One) grow from 5 each to both getting over 20. Meanwhile, Forza Motorsport 5 debuts in tenth with 5 completions.

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Call of Duty: Ghosts steps down from its first place spot to let LEGO Marvel Super Heroes take the lead with just over 100 completions. The Black Friday discounts on Halo 4 DLC continue to help bolster its completions, with it taking almost 60 in fourth. Although it didn't make Games Started, the easy completion of sale title Men In Black: Alien Crisis (over 42% of players have finished it) puts it in ninth place with nearly 40 completions.

A few months ago, daily ribbons being given by Epic to help towards the pesky Sybarite achievement in Gears of War: Judgment helped boost the games completions considerably. Then the handouts dried up again. Well, it appears they restarted again as the daily ribbon events returned and allowed almost 40 players to finish the game, putting it in eighth place.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

Blood Dragon's huge starter numbers, coupled with its easy completion (nearly 40% of players have finished it) easily put the game in first with 270 completions, above Telltale's usual popular and easy offerings, as well as many of the other easy sale titles of recent weeks.

Top Arcade Games Completed

This is almost a copy of last week's table, except that the EA easy sale completions have shuffled around a bit, with RISK (WP) jumping up the table and Monopoly (WP) taking a tumble.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
69,001 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 795,274 achievements online between them (48,364 different achievements).

Finally, some achievements disrupt the Ghosts domination of recent weeks. Three different Gears achievements take spots in first, fifth and sixth; one for completing the tutorial and two for perfect active reloads.

Three Dark Souls achievements take places in second, third and seventh. These three are likely to be the only ones ever to appear on the table as the drop off in numbers for achievements after that point is significant.

Finally, a single achievement for the "China Rising" DLC for Battlefield 4 takes fourth place, not least because it's apparently glitched so that most players unlock it early.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Blood Dragon dominates here (as they tend to do in real life), claiming six spots on the table, whilst BattleBlock Theater and Iron Brigade are left to fight over the other four.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Galactic Reign secures the top three spots (as well as sixth), with Spartan Assault claiming a single place in fourth and Zuma's Revenge filling up the bottom half.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Following its rise of the previous weeks, Action-Adventure sees a dip in numbers this week, dropping from over 9.5 million to just over 8 million. However, Shooter doesn't gain any ground as it also drops in numbers, from over 7 million to just over 6 million.

Platformer manages to jump over Strategy thanks to the boost from BattleBlock Theater and the levelling off of numbers for Galactic Reign.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure8,095,451
  • Shooter6,036,540
  • Action3,409,877
  • Sports2,270,055
  • Racing2,030,575
  • Role-Playing1,576,253
  • Platformer451,856
  • Strategy422,335
  • Simulation321,024
  • Puzzle306,680

That's all for this week, folks. Once I've recruited some new Statisticles, I'll start putting together another special table for next week seeing as, judging by the releases, it's going to be another quiet one.
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