New Multiplayer Mode Coming To Peggle 2

By Joshua Rust, 6 years ago
Peggle 2 was released just yesterday on Xbox One via digital download. It has received very positive reviews amongst gaming outlets and already the developers at PopCap Games are talking DLC - free DLC, that is. The first DLC that they are working on is in the form of "Duels".

The official word came from Popcap Games' Jared Neuss, Producer for Peggle 2, and this is what he had to say about the upcoming "Duels" DLC:

Hey, folks! As you can imagine, the launch of Peggle 2 has been extremely exciting for all of us on the team. We’ve been working hard for quite a while to bring players something completely ridiculous, fun and joyous. To finally see real human beings out in the wild enjoying their experience with this thing that we’ve made is rewarding in a way that’s difficult to express. It’s awesome, to say the least. Thanks so much for all of the kind words and genuine excitement!

So, now that Peggle 2 is out in the world, what are we doing? While I can’t reveal too much, I’m happy to announce that we’re currently focused on bringing you a multiplayer mode that may sound familiar to Peggle veterans: Duels! This new mode will enable players to compete against each other, in the same room or across the Internet, head-to-head on the same board. We loved Duel mode in the original Peggle and can’t wait to bring it into the updated world of Peggle 2!

We’ll be announcing details soon, but rest assured that we’re working to bring you Duels as soon as we possibly can. For free. Because free is rad and you fine folks deserve it.

I’m also happy to announce that Duels are just the beginning. There are lots of surprises in store for Peggle 2 fans and we’ll be bringing you regular updates as we continue to expand and add to the world that we’ve built. In the meantime, we’d also like to get together with you for a community gaming night, where the Peggle dev team faces off against fans in a few friendly-and-not-at-all-incredibly-competitive rounds of Peg Party. More to come on that as we lock down dates and times.

Thanks again for all of your support. We’re glad you love Peggling as much as we do!

As stated by Jared, there is not a firm release date set for the "Duels" DLC. It will be free, which is always a plus. For those who have yet to try out Peggle 2, you can buy it on the Xbox Live Marketplace by clicking here.

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Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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