Dead Rising: Case Zero Plot Details

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Capcom has released some details about the plot for Dead Rising: Case Zero. Andriasang was at the "Save the Zombie" event in Tokyo and secured us some details about what this is, exactly.

Case 0 tells what happened three years prior to to the events of Dead Rising 2. Fortune City has been hit with an outbreak, and Dead Rising 2 main character Chuck Greene and his daughter have arrived at a gas station in the suburbs. Chuck's daughter has been bitten by a zombie, and the only way to keep her alive is by injecting her with a vaccine known as Zombrex once every 12 hours (in the main Dead Rising 2, Zombrex's development has advanced, giving it a 24 hour effectiveness). Unfortunately, Chuck's car, containing the Zombrex, gets stolen, and zombies begin attacking. Chuck and his daughter need to flee the area within 12 hours.
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It is also worth noting that on the dashboard there is a 2 and 1/2 minute video on Dead Rising: Case Zero. They called it a piece of pre-DLC, that was the term that Capcom's PR used. Speculation hat on: it sounds like this could be like one of those side adventures that Bioware is so found of putting out for Dragon Age: Origins. An isolated story that is just attached to the larger retail game. In this case, we get it before the game is released.

More from Andriasang:
While Inafune would not share release specifics on Case: 0, he did say to expect it about one month ahead of Dead Rising 2's [North American] September 28 release date. Regarding price, Case: 0 actually serves as Dead Rising 2's demo. You'll be able to play through part of it for free. However, if you want to get through to the end, you'll need to pay. Inafune said to expect a price of around ¥500 [DK: Just shy of $6].

You may want to invest the ¥500. During a Q&A session that followed the event, Inafune said that you'll be able to carry over your save file, complete with character stats, to start off DR2 with a boost.

Inafune also revealed during the Q&A an approximate play time for Case 0. Fast players could finish it in three hours, but the general player will take four to five hours.
I am kind of keen on this idea of releasing a portion of the game as DLC. A warm-up for the real game, that can actually later be imported into the game to help provide you with more of a boost to the game.

The rest of the world gets Dead Rising 2 in early October.