Kinect Pricing Confirmed

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Microsoft has gone on record and confirmed the price-point for the Kinect across the US, UK, and Europe.

United States - $149
United Kingdom - £129
Europe - €149

That is for the sensor bar itself.

If you know someone who does not have a 360 and they are waiting for the Kinect, there is a bundled option. Microsoft will be making available a 4GB 360 bundled with the Kinect and Kinect Adventures for £250 ($299).

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Kinect Adventures includes 20 mini-games that were demonstrated during E3. Microsoft assures consumers that there will be more than 15 Kinect specific games available at launch including Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Joy Ride. They will all retail at normal software price point of $50 (£40).

There will also be a bundle with the Kinect sensor with Kinect Adventures that will retail at the same price of the sensor bar itself. Aaron Greenberg points out that this is a solid deal since you are essentially getting a retail game ($50) for free, or you could at it as you are getting $50 off of the sensor bar.

The Kinect will go about destroying homes November 4th in the United States. No other regions have a confirmed date of release from Microsoft, at this time.