Happy Wars Ticket Giveaway

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
In the spirit of the holidays, Microsoft Game Studios and ToyLogic are giving away 80 Happy Tickets to gamers in Happy Wars.

Santa 1

In addition to the freebies, they're adding a special edition “Save the KING” alternative, “Save the SANTA”, complete with decorated stages. Playing under "Save the SANTA" rules will also give players access to exclusive Mage equipment which includes: ”Imperial Hat”, “Commander’s Hat”, “Patriot Armor”, “Military Suit”, “War Horse Head”, “Horse Head”, “Cape of Revolution”, and “Conductor’s Cape”.

Furthermore, the holiday spirit continues with a “Happy Cards Limited Edition” event, which will give out ONLY brand-new items and Warrior items. Eight new items have been added to the Happy Cards: the Cleric’s “Nutcracker Helm”, “Military Band Helm”, “March Bugle”, and “Military Drum”, and the Mage’s “Jiangshi Hat”, “Super Chinese Garb”, “Super Chinese Wand”, and “Imperial Fan”.

Finally, two new buffs (additional item effects) have been added to the game – “Fast Resurrection” which shortens the casting time of Resurrection and “Farther Fireball” which makes Fireballs go... farther.

The Happy Tickets free giveaway campaign and the “Save the SANTA” runs now through December 25th, and the “Happy Cards Limited Edition” event ends on December 18th.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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