12 Deals of Red Stripe for Windows 8

By Rebecca Smith,
About three weeks ago, Microsoft started running Red Stripe deals for their Windows 8 titles. As with their Windows Phone counterparts, these included one LIVE enabled game, one indie game and an app. However, for the next three weeks, they're doing something a little different and are discounting 12 titles for the duration of the offer. These 12 titles include four LIVE enabled games. Here is the list of discounts:

Bejeweled LIVE (Win 8) - $4.99/£3.49 $1.99/£1.39

It’s high-carat Bejeweled gem-matching fun!

Discover all-new ways to match 3 gems in the world’s #1 puzzle game! You’ll enjoy the action in three breathtaking game modes: play Classic Bejeweled for cascades of puzzle fun, Diamond Mine for a jeweled gem-blasting challenge, or save Butterflies from a hungry spider. Collect flashy achievement badges as your gem matching soars to dazzling new heights! The new Bejeweled for Windows 8 is ideal for kids, the family and anyone who enjoys games bursting with match-3 puzzle fun.


• CLASSIC GEM-MATCHING FUN - Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with a mode for every mood.
• DIG INTO DIAMOND MINE - Blast gems to collect gold, diamonds and buried artifacts before the clock runs out.
• SAVE THE BUTTERFLIES! - Match gems to free the butterflies before they move up the board where a hungry spider awaits.
• CREATE 4 SPECIAL GEMS - Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes and Supernova gems.
• PROVE YOUR GEM-MATCHING PROWESS - Earn flashy Bejeweled badges and XBLA achievements to prove your multifaceted skills!
• MORE COOL FEATURES - Ultra-Smooth Action — Make multiple matches while new gems fall into place
• Hints on Demand — Can’t quite spot the next gem match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip.
• Stats Galore — Gloat over your Bejeweled game scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine!
• Sharing Capabilities — Share scores and achievements through email and the Windows 8 Share charm.
Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8) - $4.99/£3.49 $2.49/£1.79

Three exciting adventures are available for additional purchase within the game!

In this fourth adventure, Tink's ambitious plan to journey alone to the island north of Never Land soon runs into trouble when she finds herself stranded in the wilderness without pixie dust. Tinker Bell must be more clever and courageous than ever before. Will Tink be able to find the Mirror of Incanta in the old pirate shipwreck in time to save the Autumn Revelry?

In “Once in a Blue Moon”, Tinker Bell's friendship with Terence is tested when he tries to help her assemble her scepter. Things only get worse when the precious moonstone is accidentally shattered, dooming the Pixie Dust Tree and the rest of Pixie Hollow. Only the mythical Mirror of Incanta can save Pixie Hollow -- but can Tink find it in time?

In “Saving Spring,” Tinker Bell accidentally unleashes a pack of sprinting thistles, which stampede through all the spring preparations in Pixie Hollow. If something isn’t done to clean up the mess – and fast – spring may not come to the mainland this year. Will Tink be able to repair the damage in time to save the season?
Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures is an episodic adventure game. You play as a fairy helping Lyria – Pixie Hollow’s most famous storyteller – as she tells tales of Tinker Bell and her friends in their many adventures across Never Land. You will encounter Tink’s close friends Rosetta, Vidia, Silvermist, Fawn, and Iridessa, as well as Queen Clarion, Clank and Bobble, Fairy Mary, Terence, and many other friends as you search for hidden objects, play games, solve puzzles, and invent creative contraptions.


• Each episode features stories from the world of Pixie Hollow and is a part of a larger tale
• Play fun mini games and find hidden collectibles in every episode
• Journey into the magical world of Pixie Hollow, including stunning Disney graphics
• Save your game progress on one Windows 8 device and resume play on another
• Each episode can be played again and again with new objects to find and collect
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (Win 8) - $9.99/£6.99 $4.99/£3.49

The sequel to the original PAC-MAN and award-winning power pellet chomping game, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX returns with even more content! Chomp through bright neon mazes at blistering speeds to unlock brand new achievements and medals for an increased challenge! With a refined user-interface, it's easier than ever to compare high scores with your friends! Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN CE-DX+!


• Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is an official follow-up to the original Pac-Man game that took the world by storm back in the eighties!
• The universally acclaimed game is now available from Windows Store!
Rayman Jungle Run (Win 8) - $2.99/£1.99 $1.49/£0.99

The legendary platforming hero is back in a brand new adventure!


• Join Rayman in 70 gorgeous levels and try to bring as many lums as you can!
• New powers to unlock as you progress: jump, punch, fly, run on wall...
• 7 worlds to discover each with their own atmosphere and gameplay
• Unlock the challenging land of the livid deads levels if you have the skills
• Play the game as Rayman or Globox!
These discounts will run until January 1st.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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