Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Another Patch

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
The last patch that players received for Batman: Arkham Origins addressed both singleplayer and multiplayer issues. The latest patch notes shines the spotlight on lots of different issues. Look below for more info:

• Addressed a few more cases of 'infinite falling' in Bridge and in the My Alibi club
• Users were able to get stuck unable to grapple if you miss the helicopter in Royal Hotel. This has been fixed.
• Fixed the Gotham bridge elevator so that if you backtracked you can still progress forward.
• Fixed the GCPD Sewers elevator stuck in wrong state when backtracking to the area.
• Should no longer be able to glide out of world with the fast travel system in the open world.
• Fix potential issue when backing out too soon after creating a new save slot.
• Immediately acquiring concussion detonator after using batwing now saves objective when fast traveling later.
• Fixed animation crash using invalid texture’s unused memory.
• On rare occasions, Batman would only have 1 health after restarting after title autosaves. This should no longer happen.
• Fixed situation where users were blocked from destroying the Black Mask Drug stash due to unlocking the cage to the stash near the Courthouse then immediately entering the courthouse.
• Bird Most Wanted side mission should now always start correctly.
• Fixed Firefly intro movie not starting properly in certain cases.
• Fix for Bane 2 not spawning again in FFC at start of prison
• Users should no longer be getting stuck outside of GCPD shooting range.
• Jezebel Plaza objective does not clear away in rare situations. This has been addressed
• Most Wanted - Deadshot - Upon completion of Deadshot side mission, title hangs.
• Fix for Deadshot quest not completing properly.
• *NEW* Fix potential cinematic mode blocks just before the objective to find Electrocutioner’s Electromagnetic Signature
• *NEW* Additional code to prevent ‘infinite falling’ states.
• *NEW* Fix another potential stuck in cinematic mode bug in the Bridge/Firefly sequence that prevents users from grappling away when loading a save game that’s in a bad state
• *NEW* Fixed another ‘infinite falling’ issue in GCPD
• *NEW* Added hack to fix not being able to get 100% because the Concept Art is measured out of 120 instead of the correct value of 80
• *NEW* Fixed Mad Hatter Icon not showing up on the back menu Map when restarting or quitting after Mad Hatter Intro
• *NEW* Fixed crash when performing Sign in/sign out process if Batman is equipped with any other costume other than default
• *NEW* Added safety net code which should greatly reduce the instances of corrupted saves in the future on Xbox.
• *NEW* Fixed a bug preventing users from confronting Black Mask at the church (After destroying drug stash in Sheldon Park)
• *NEW* Fixed another ‘infinite fallling’ in Blackgate Prison
• *NEW* Fixed ‘secure area’ bug with Gotham Bridge
• *NEW* Fixed missing objective for Lacey Towers in certain scenarios
• *NEW* Fix for the player being locked behind a door by AI vs AI (user was stuck in Industrial District Enigma Tower)
• *NEW* Item collected but not being removed from the map properly
• *NEW* Challenge maps not unlocking properly
• *NEW* Themes not unlocking when completing I Am The Night
• *NEW* Black Mask drug stash does not count when destroyed preventing confrontation at the Church

• Crash – Fixed issue where game would crash during load screens after multiple matches
• Host and clients may crash on loading screen/in-game when frequently entering and exiting a lobby.
• Networking – Improvements to matchmaking
• MP DLC skins unlocking properly in MP
• LAN-pulling during the SP to MP transition, after the big blue bat logo, crashes the title.
• Getting killed by a dead player cause incorrect Obituary and no XP to be gain
• Gameplay: combat - Direct hits from the UAV or RC airship will not destroy scramblers on control points.
• LAN pull is not detected while creating a private/public lobby.
• User is incorrectly informed that the active control point is 50m away when they are standing inside it.
• Gadget: Scrambler – Batman can turn on control points early by placing additional scramblers.
• Heroes cape detatches when a hero is killed while using detective vision.
• Audio - VOs are not triggered regularly enough when the Heroes are close to Victory
• Control: Elites - A user can temporarily lose their sprint capabilities if they're spamming and when the sprint meter is empty while bumping into a wall
• Booting some unsupported languages causes the consumable's names and descriptions to not be in English
• Functionality: HUD - When a Joker Elite client is killed while having his dual wield equipped, he respawns with the nail gun icon instead of primary weapon icon.
• Gameplay: Combat - If a player uses a suicide attack to kill the last thug, that thug will respawn and the match does not end.
• Hair renders on top of effects and distortion materials
• *NEW* Improvements to matchmaking
• *NEW* Safeguards to prevent faction XP from being reset
• *NEW* Fixed Hero Skin names being wrong
• *NEW* Fix for Batman's erect cape on death
• *NEW* Ensured DLC skins downloaded from Seasons Pass also work in MP matches
• *NEW* Matchmaking - Fixed not handling failing to resolve address during reservation request
• *NEW* Fix to stop players with different netvars from being able to matchmake with each other
As well as the above fixes, Warner Bros wanted to give an update on some of the other issues.

Corrupted Saves Update

We are aware that a small number of players have reported losing their saved game files due to data corruption. Specifically, when trying to choose a saved file story slot to continue from, the system indicates that the file is “Corrupted” and if selected, an error message appears which notifies the user, “The save is corrupt. Please delete it.” The upcoming planned patch for Xbox 360 addresses this issue in a way that once players have downloaded the patch, it should greatly reduce future instances of corrupted saves.

For those players who have already experienced a corrupted save as described above, we advise that they start a new game, as unfortunately, a corrupted game cannot be salvaged. In this case, a corrupted game means that the file is broken at the operating system level.

The new code in this next patch is expected to reduce the occurrence of corrupt files stemming from files crashing while saving. The patch includes an overhaul of the way the save files are handled, such as minimizing the time files are opened for writing and adding a backup system of save files to any new updated save on the hard drive. As a reminder, please do not turn off, unplug, or otherwise shut down your console while a save is in progress as this can damage the existing save file.

We understand that this situation is very frustrating for those that experienced this issue and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

New Millennium Skins Pack and Infinite Earths Skins Pack Errors

Some player have also reported not being able to use the skins in the New Millennium Skins Pack and Infinite Earths Skins Pack in Multiplayer mode on Xbox 360 - the teams are also aware of this and are investigating a fix for it.

For all Xbox 360 users who purchased their Season Pass from GameStop and are experiencing issues with redeeming the content of their Pass, please contact GameStop directly at: 1-800-883-8895 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. (CST) 7 days a week.
WB games would like to thank gamers for their patience as they continue to update us with new information.
Credit for this story goes to xDLxSilentOnex
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Written by Marc Hollinshead
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