Wingman Discounted in Crimson Dragon

By Keith Gray,
Crimson Dragon finally swooped in as a launch day title alongside the Xbox One. The game has already had its difficulty balance adjusted prior to release and the challenge is set to get easier yet again, as the developer has reduced the cost of recruiting a powerful ally.

A Wingman can be taken into battle with you, and the following quote explains the change in the cost of choosing your preferred sidekick:

We’re constantly looking at player trends and feedback, seeking ways to optimally tune Crimson Dragon for you, the players. Based on our most recent evaluations, we’ve decided to lower the cost of hiring a Wingman. The cost of a Wingman has been reduced by as much as 67%. What this means for you is that the best Wingmen are available at a cheaper cost, and using them is a much more rewarding feature based on their cost. Pro tip: make sure to not only bring a powerful Wingman in to the battle with you, but one who also benefits you most based on the enemies’ elemental attribute.
The cost reduction has already been implemented within Crimson Dragon, so go ahead and take advantage whilst the opportunity exists.

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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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