Rescuing Wildlife with Zoo Tycoon

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Microsoft are combining the Xbox One's in-game challenge system in Zoo Tycoon with real life philanthropy as they have promised to make a sizable donation to a particular non-profit charity (based on the outcome of a monthly community vote) followed by some in-game activity.

The first round is already underway and is awaiting the results of the final tally of votes by December 31st to decide between the Rhino Rescue program, Komodo Survival Program, and the Tiger Species Survival Program.

So how will the community then be able to assist in the real world conservation effort? Simple, get gaming!

Release 1,000 Rhinos to the wild in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to help protect and deter further poaching of rhino horns in Africa.

Adopt 1,000 Komodo Dragons in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to support the Komodo Survival Program’s work with the Indonesian Government to protect this species.

Release 1,000 Sumatran Tigers into the wild in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to the Tiger Species Survival Program to help reduce the number of Sumatran Tigers killed, displaced or caught in snares.
Regardless of the outcome, Microsoft promises to keep players updated on the tangible benefits of their donations by posting pictures, stats, videos, and other tidbits.

To take part in the vote, simply navigate to the community section within the Zoo Tycoon game itself. Progress of the vote can also be monitored within the Xbox One achievement app. If you miss this round, then a brand new one will begin in the New Year of 2014.
Credit for this story goes to BooneJusticius