Xbox One Game and App Stat Tracking - UPDATED

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
Happy Holidays TAers!

Hopefully many of you have been lucky enough to receive shiny new Xbox Ones over the last week or so – and if you are one of those that has joined the Next-Gen party, you may have noticed that there are some cool new stats available on many of the new Xbox One games and apps.

So not content with being the first site on the internet to bring you Xbox One achievement and challenge tracking, we thought it would be awesome to usher in the new year with a whole host of new Xbox One-related goodies!

Game and App Specific Stats

We’ve added all the new Xbox One Game and App stats to your Gamer Game summary panel:

Peggle 2 Gamer Stats

And clicking through on them will take you through to the stat’s site leaderboard:

You’ll also see the top 3 for each stat on the Game’s homepage:

Peggle 2 Stats

If you compare Xbox One achievements with someone, you’ll see both your stats on the comparison page:

Game Comparison

Game and App Time Played

We’re also now tracking the time played on Xbox One games and apps, and you’ll also see that in your Gamer Game summary panel. Clicking through on the time will take you to the Time leaderboard for that game.

Time Played

Stat and Time Updates

We will automatically pull your time and game stats for an Xbox One game if you win an achievement or challenge in it, but if you want to update them for a game without having won an achievement, simply request an update using the first option on the Gamer menu button on your homepage.


Gamer Challenges

We’ve added the number of challenges you have won to your homepage summary, and clicking through on this will take you to your My Challenges page:

My Challenges

And, we’ve also added a site leaderboard for Challenges Won

Challenges Leaderboard


We now have a Challenges Hub which shows all the challenges that can be obtained (and any that have expired or are yet to start). On this page, you can also see the Popular Challenges panel which shows the challenges that TAers are currently winning, and this panel also appears on the My Challenges page and any Challenge page.

I rejigged the stats panel so it's a bit lower on the game page, and also filtered it to Friends only on the Game Scores tab, in keeping with the other scores on that page. And likewise with the Time Played panel.

All that’s left is for me to wish you a very Happy New Year, and to let you know that we expect 2014 to be TA’s biggest and best year ever!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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