Games With Gold Sale Starts

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
As most of you will already know, the new year has brought in a new Games With Gold title in the form of Sleeping Dogs. The game is free to download until January 15th and can be downloaded from here. While players can download this title through the promotion, some of the game's DLC has also been discounted. If the Gears of War sale was something of which to take note, some of this content may only be discounted until the end of this week, January 6th, after which more DLC packs will take their place. Here is the current list:

Retail DLC with Achievements

Sleeping Dogs - 50% discount
• "Nightmare In North Point Pack" - Now US$3.49 / £2.34 / €3.34 / AU$3.47 / ¥390
• "Sleeping Dogs - The Year of the Snake" - Now US$3.49 / £2.34 / €3.34 / AU$3.47 / ¥390

Retail DLC without Achievements

Sleeping Dogs - 50% discount
• "The Dragon Master Pack" - Now US$3.99 / £2.69 / €3.79 / AU$3.97 / ¥450

Sleeping Dogs (DE) is also free to download. That version of the game can be downloaded from here. Of course, this game does not have any of the DLC therefore the above discounts do not apply.

Sleeping Dogs (JP) is not the free title for Japan this month as it is not available for purchase via Games on Demand. Instead, the free title for this region is indeed Just Cause 2 (JP) and it can be downloaded from here. Despite this, the Sleeping Dogs DLC is discounted here -- see above for prices.

Those of you who are disappointed that Just Cause 2 did not make it into the list for the majority of regions may be a little comforted by the fact that the game is one of a handful of Games on Demand titles to also be reduced for Gold Xbox LIVE members. Here are those games:

Hitman: Blood Money - 50% discount - Now US$9.99 / £5.99 / €9.99 / AU$14.97
Just Cause 2 - 50% discount - Now US$7.49 / £5.99 / €7.49 / AU$9.97
Tomb Raider - 33% discount - Now US$20.09 / £13.39 / €26.79 / AU$33.46 / ¥1969

We have no idea for how long the above titles will remain on sale, so don't wait too long to pick these up!

Just to note, all of the above discounts are for Xbox LIVE Gold members only.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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