Flock gets a release date

By GameTagwastaken, 9 years ago
IGN's Greg Miller is reporting that Capcom will be releasing the downloadable sheep-herding game Flock on April 7 on XBLA. Okay, the plot is a little more detailed than that, but how many times have you heard the phrase "downloadable sheep-herding game"? I mean no one thought hunting or fishing simulations would be fun either and look how much those sell now. Flock puts you in charge of a UFO and you must use your beams to herd sheep around the level to the mothership by creating crop circles and manipulating objects. The following formula describes the gameplay pretty well:
Destroy All Humans - suck - explosions + puzzles +sheep = Flock

No price has been announced officially, but the PC download version is selling for $14.99 so we can expect about 1200 MS points. You can get more details on the gameplay at the official page here: http://shop.capcom.com/store/capcomus/en_US/DisplayProductDe...