Stopping The Red Dead Griefing

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Rockstar recently updated their Red Dead Redemption blog with some interesting notes for their next title update, which will be dropping next month. First, Rockstar is watching you. Yes you, Mr. Hacker, Mrs. Cheater, and Dr. Bully, phD. Publishers of the wildly popular western title wants to make it very clear that they are going to put a stop to the "rotten apples" of the Free Roam mode.

If you are hacking or cheating "beyond a shadow of a doubt", Rockstar will be bringing down the banhammer. The period that you will be unable to access the multiplayer for a "period of [Rockstar's] discretion."

Finally, for those of you getting bullied out in the open world will get some relief.
Additionally, the title update will provide some anti-grief relief with some new features in Free Roam. Those who are being bullied repeatedly in Free Roam will be given the option to flee by Transporting and respawning in a region of the map of their choosing. And those who are bullying repeatedly will face a new challenge: when a player gets a 6 kill streak in Free Roam, they will become "Most Wanted." This alerts other players of their status as a player-killer, and also sends NPC law response after them.
Those virtual lawmen are going to have their hands full handling the millions of murder cases. There were over 131.9 million murders within the first month of the game's release.