Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for Evolve

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Evolve is a game that we have known about since May 2012, although we didn't learn the title of the project until January 2013. Until a few days ago, all that we knew was that it was a project that was being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, a studio responsible for Left 4 Dead.

The multiplayer shooter will pit four human players against one player who will be lucky enough to play as an increasingly powerful monster. The fact that we know very little else should not be a factor that stops you from pre-ordering the game, or at least that's what Turtle Rock and their new publisher 2K Games believe. Players who pre-order the title from select retailers will receive the "Monster Expansion Pack". The pack includes the Savage Goliath skin that players will be able to use from the game's launch. Some time after the game has released, players will also receive a new monster character to use.

Pre-order image

The pre-order bonus will be available to players who pre-order from Amazon in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Canadian players have a choice of EB Games, Future Shop, Toys R Us and Walmart, while US gamers get the choice of Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.

Evolve is due to be released for the Xbox One this Autumn.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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