New Dead Space 2 Trailer

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
EA dropped a new trailer for Dead Space 2 into our collective laps.

It shows more battling of necromorphs. Some slicing and dicing action. I believe there was also a curbstomp involved. It looks good. Take a watch.

Dead Space 2 will hit retails shelves January 25 in the United States. The United Kingdom gets it January 28. To hold you over, some details were uncovered about Dead Space: Ignition. A prequel leading up to Dead Space 2.

VG247 has this nice, concise, write-up about it.
The downloadable Dead Space 2 prequel was seen in a trailer. The game features four paths and four different endings. Players will have to go through three types of mini-games: Hardware Crack, System Override and Trace Route.

Trace Route was shown playable on 360. “Mini-game” was about right. It was simply running a spot through a 2D landscape. It’s out this fall for 360.

Hold on, we're in for some chop.