TA Podcast: Starting the New Year Right

By Jonathan Barnes,
2014 is upon us and we've dubbed it "The Year of the TrueMatraJacket". We think it really rolls off the tongue.

The smoldering ashes of Matrarch's 2013 GTASC run are not even cold and she's already plotting for the new competition. Rich is busy with tons of new coding, his Xbox One, and something called "a daughter" ... whatever that is. As for the host of the podcast, well, you'll just have to listen to hear about the shenanigans and hijinks that are rolling this month.

In addition to looking back at 2013, discussing the TA Game of the Year, and checking out the hottest news on the site, we'll also be discussing our Game of the Month, The Walking Dead: Season Two Achievements. For those concerned about spoilers, we placed our discussion near the end of the podcast AND give a ridiculously-long warning before jumping in to any spoiler talk, so you'll have plenty of time to hit pause and/or rip those earbuds out of your earholes before they're violated with the absolutely shocking revelation that Season Two of The Walking Dead...

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

As always, if you LOVE what you're hearing and feel compelled to scream it from the mountaintops (or Twitter), calm down a little... we're just a humble gaming and achievement podcast. The one big favor you could do for us is to subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and channel all of that excited love and mountain yodeling into a review. Just like last month, bonus points and podcast props will be issued if you use the phrase "Swiss Miss" in your review!

If you now see the irony in Apple's famous 1984 commercial and throw a proverbial sledge through their domination of the industry by using a different audio device, you can catch up and listen to all of our podcasts here on the site or by downloading them (and loading them on to the device of your choice) here.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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