Monday Night Combat: Meet the Sniper Trailer

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
The sniper, to scientists he is known as Weakerus Sniperii. A good sniper is a nightmare to any team in any multiplayer match. Snipers have been blamed for having overpowered weapons and low health. A good sniper is never seen. Things are about to change for the sniper class.

Enter Monday Night Combat:

Aside from being a bit off, every good Monday Night Combat sniper should have a repository of skills to call upon — including traps that freeze your enemies in their tracks and a rather neat grapple skill that allows for some flashy melee maneuvers. Whoever said snipers never get their hands dirty?

This is a sniper who gets his hands dirty and relishes it. Cackling with like an insane little child, this class has melee abilities and traps. The melee abilities are so flashy and smooth they would make Jason Bourne jealous. The traps have freezing abilities that took Sub-Zero to obtain after years of training.

The sniper is a scary killing machine, fueled by insanity.

Monday Night Combat is part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade. It hits the marketplace August 11.