Let's Talk with boydo1990

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Hi, TA'ers! This week, our special guest is boydo1990, a fun-loving college student with a talent for photoshop. Let's all give him a big welcome.

Boydo: My name is Nicholas Boyd, I'm 19, and I'm always quite loopy, but I’m good fun. If you ask those who have sessioned with me, they'll tell you. :) I’m currently a university student toughing it out with my shared showers and small bedroom but having great fun.

The real me.

B1ue: Gamertags almost always tell something about their owners. Tell us about yours.

Well, I'm not 23 like my gamertag suggests, I'm actually 19. My family originally had a modem back in the day, which meant we couldn’t plug in multiple things until the router came into being. Eventually we got a router, and when I was at school, my brother set it up and set my Xbox account up as well, didn’t ask me about it. He put his nickname and date of birth as my gamertag. At the time, I was just so excited to have Live I wasn’t bothered until I found out he had put his email and password on it and refused to tell me because he wanted us to share my Xbox....

Quite funny nowadays because I got the password and changed it, so it is now in my name, and since he put his nickname in the gamertag, all my school friends added me and started to call me boydo in real life. Now, he get's annoyed at me because I've “stolen his nickname.” Hahahaha.

B1ue: How long have you been gaming?

I’ve being gaming since I was a like six. I remember playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo 64. :) I’ve also owned a Sega, Atari, PS1, PS2, 360, and my latest addition, the Xbox One. I miss the old days where you could just blow into the cartridge slot and it would fix it :') unlike some games today *cough* Battlefield 4 *cough.*

B1ue: Do others in your family game, or are you a first-generation gamer?

My brother has a 360, but he's never on it. My mother plays crappy Facebook games, and my dad hates all technology because he's a grumpy old-fashioned (insert swear word here).

B1ue: What do your family and friends say about your gaming?

My mum's never complained; my brother likes to bring it up in every family argument. I have two sets of friends on gaming, the ones who don't get it and want to moan about how their ideas of fun are much better than mine, and the other group thinks I'm some sort of guru when it comes to Xbox because I've spent so long on it. Well, hey, I'm not going to tell them otherwise. :P

Me as a Nawi

B1ue: If you’re not a professional gamer, what’s your day job?

Currently, I'm a student at the University of Salford studying a BA (hons) in Television and Radio. I love travelling around and filming stuff; it's an adventure running about the place. Everyday's a different day, and you get to meet some really cool people along the way. For example, I recently did a short interview with a BBC World Sports Presenter and got to travel around the BBC HQ on a live film set. I love doing it and hope to one day do it professionally.

B1ue: What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Mainly drinking, socialising, travelling, and pool. I like to travel because it's an adventure to see what fun stuff happens or bad stuff... for example, on New Year of 2012, I was down in Somerset visiting friends, and a drunk, drugged-up guy pushed me in the road and a car ran my foot over. My first response was “aaaaaaahhhhhhh” then it was “at least it was a nice car that ran me over”. After he ran off and the car reversed off my foot, I limped over to my friends and just shouted “TOLD YOU I WAS INVINCIBLE!” Ha, memories.

Me as Miley Cyrus

B1ue: Tell us about your home life.

Well, my brothers a (insert massive swear word here). My mum's the best, most supportive mum ever. My dad's a weird old man who's scared of technology but buys me beer and beats me at pool, so, yeah, he's cool. I've also got a furball with four legs which I think's a dog, but he could be one of those “hell hounds” from COD zombies minus the fire and explosions. I say this because he chases and barks at everything. I also have the best mate ever, who for some reason has stuck with me besides all my lunacy.

B1ue: Of what real life achievement are you most proud?

I suppose it would be being one of the first in my family to go to university in a long time or, in fact, ever, I think.

B1ue: That's wonderful! Don't let anything stop you from getting your education.

What’s your favorite game of all time on any console? What makes it special?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, that game just never ended. I could just wander in any direction, and I would find something to do.

B1ue: Oh, I like you...

Do you remember the first game you played? What’s your fondest memory of it?

I think it would have been Mario Brothers for the Nintendo 64, which I still have to this day. I remember when you got Yoshi and you could ride him about, but if you got knocked off, he would run away and could sometimes run off the cliff and die. The mad run to save your beloved Yoshi was crazy, and it got worse if you couldn’t save him. You would feel so bad as a child that your little Yoshi was gone. :'(

B1ue: If some evil spell allowed you to own only a single game for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

OMG, maybe that's what happened to COD -- everyone's been cursed to get the same game for eternity.

But my real answer would be Oblivion or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The music alone makes you feel badass.

B1ue: Yep, I definitely like you. I love the opening music in Oblivion. It's magnificent.

What part of the world do you live in? If I were to visit, what sights would I have to see?

I live in the sleepy town of Skipton in Yorkshire, England. There’s a canal to travel along, a swimming pool, a castle, and about 15 pubs. That’s why its sleepy; everyone's drunk most of the time. :p #PleaseDontKidnapMe

B1ue: Any games you regret putting on your gamertag?

Binary Domain and Far Cry 2. If that film Purge was real, I know which two sets of people I'd want to “talk” to. #OnlyJoking #NotaMurderer

B1ue: If you were forced to change your gamertag, what would you change it to? What would the new tag reflect about you?

Well, as tempting as it would be to put
“ziziizizziaiziaiziaI 360 NO SCOPE WALLBANG BLAH ziziziizziziziz,” I'm not that sad. I would just get rid of the 1990, so 10-year olds stop screaming about a 23-year old on Xbox.

B1ue: Tell us about your gamer pic. Why did you choose that one?

I was being a depressing teenager at the time, and I just never changed it in all these years.

More fun with Photoshop

B1ue: Do you have any particular gaming pet peeves?

Oh, I've got millions. I hate snipers on Battlefield who use the heli's just to get onto a roof and then just jump out and let them get destroyed; stop wasting valuable gear, you half wits. ARRRRRR. I hate people on Extinction Mode on COD; the challenge appears which says don’t shoot for 60 seconds, big letters, can't miss it. And two seconds in, everyone's shooting..... ARRRR. Also, people who play music down the mic in lobbies, like, seriously, “I love this music; I'm sure everyone everywhere loves it, too. Here you go, guys, listen to my distorted shitty dubstep through my £2 Chinese microphone..... AAAARRRR. Just to name a few.

B1ue: What upcoming game are you most looking forward to?

THIEF, Titanfall, and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

B1ue: What game are you most proud of completing? Why?

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It's one of those games that has achievement-worthy “challenges” in it. Some are things like complete the game in 2 hours 15 minutes, complete the game using a certain type of aircraft, getting the highest rating for every mission, or even completing it using only a machine gun. While that would be fine in a FPS, this is a machine gun on a jet fighter, and it has no auto aim....

Then there's the siege match boosting, where you just crash in to the floor over and over for hours, and there’s no way to tell how many you've won, so it's just a wait for the Game Over screen and seeing if your achievement pops. It's agonising to watch. :( I remember when I got the achievement; I had a face full of sandwich, and I just screamed down the mic MMMMMMMMRRRR. And everyone in the party was like wtf was that???

B1ue: If you found yourself dropped into a video game, which video game character would you most want to have your back?

Has to be Master Chief, as long as it not a water-world style thing because the glorious super soldiers can't swim... I have a theory that’s why all the “super soldiers” died; none of them could swim.

B1ue: In the same scenario, what character/creature would you most/least like to see headed your way?

Well, as I said, nothing watery or my guardian would be useless. Hell, even that Quasimodo-looking Squirtle thing from Pokemon would be dangerous.

B1ue: Any characters you would like seen thrown into video game hell?

Guilty Spark - that little bastard killed Johnson. :'(

B1ue: Ever had any bad experiences online? How did you handle it?

People leaving early from sessions on TA. I was boosting on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas , and this guy jumped the queue, got his kills and achievement, then just left. He went on COD and ignored us all. I messaged him on TA, and he was all like, "I've got real life shit to do, not waste time on video games. That’s sad." So, he's not sad because he leaves before we finish boosting, right? We gave him bad feedback, and he in turn gave us bad feedback and tried to make out that he was disconnected despite saying all that shit in the messages to me, but his feedback was at -4, so I just put “look at his feedback and choose who you believe.“

B1ue: It's a shame there's no way to prevent retaliatory feedback like that. What a bummer.

Do you prefer single player or multi-player?

I like to play solo in multi-player matches. You sometimes have to rely on other people to make mistakes. For example, getting two grenade kills from beyond the grave in Halo 3 -- you have to stick someone while dying and then hope they run into another player, which I never got them to do. So annoying.

B1ue: Do you have a favorite group of friends you like to play with? If so, how did you meet?

Just friends from school. I haven't being gaming as much as I used to since I started university. The internet there is a shit, so I prefer to just socialise when I can.

B1ue: If you could have a multi-player session with anyone in the world, whom would you choose? Why?

My dad, just so I could watch him smash the controller against the floor like a baboon with a jack hammer. He can barely work a phone, let alone a console.

B1ue: What other consoles do you own? What are your favorites on those platforms?

Xbox One, 360, and Nintendo 64. 360 is my favorite for sure, but next gen will hopefully be even better once it gets going. In terms of games, it would be Mario Bro's for Nintendo 64, Oblivion for 360, and Battlefield 4 for Xbox one, when it's working......

B1ue: Have you ever had a game you really looked forward to that you were disappointed in when it finally arrived? Tell us about it.

State of Decay. You couldn’t load the trucks with supplies, so you had to get one backpack and then drive all the way back to your safe house 20 miles away without blowing up your car. It was just a massive collectibles hunt. The performance of the game was a bit bad, too. I was racing across a field once, completely clear, then BOOM, I randomly exploded and then a fence randomly appeared in front of me. Damn pop in.

B1ue: Tell us about your gaming set-up.

Xbox One and Xbox 360, Turtle Beach x12's for my 360 along with a nice cushy bed. I don't need all this gaming chair bollocks. I can tough it for the GS. :)


*Lightning Round*

Favorite 360 game?


Favorite non-360 game?

Ring of Fire :)

Least favorite game?

Ring of Fire when you have to kiss random people.... Long story.

Favorite game developer?


Favorite game weapon?


Most hated game enemy?

Terramorphous the Invincible

Favorite game character?

Master Chief

Favorite game sidekick?


Favorite game ending?

Call of Duty 4

Most hated game ending?

Mass Effect 3

Favorite game music?


*End of Lightning Round*

B1ue: Is there anything in particular you want the TA community to know about you?

I think there is a difference between achievement hunter and game spammer. You see these people with loads of gamerscore yet their completion is 40%. I don't think these people are achievement hunters because anyone can buy loads of games and just get the easy achievements and move on; it takes an achievement hunter to get the hard ones.

B1ue: Any shout-outs you want to make before we go?

o0 JdogJ 0o: This guy for some reason is still on my friends list despite the amount of abuse I give him; he can take the banter, good lad.
KillieExile: <----I will give 5 pounds to whoever can understand this man.
AerialCascade is a noob.

And that's it, guys and girls. Thanks so much to boydo1990 for taking the time to tell us a little about himself. Come back in a couple of weeks for our next guest, jukemate .

Come back to see me, and...let's talk. wave
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
Cindy has been writing for TA/TT for three years now and is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueTrophies. She's an English instructor at a small college and considered a remarkably cool teacher for knowing all about Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Diablo III.