Happy Wars Title Update 11 Detailed

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
As the battle rages on in the free-to-play title Happy Wars, Toy Logic, the developers behind the game have released title update number 11 that updates game rules, levelling, game modes and fixes a few various issues.

Included in the eleventh update is a new game mode 'Bounty Hunters'. Teams win in this new mode by simply reaching the specific bounty amount. In order to reach the amount, happy soldiers just need to do what they do best anyway: kill enemies, conquer towers and finally destroy the enemies big tower. For those having great success on the battlefield without dying, the bounty on their head will be raised making them a much more wanted target by the opposing team. Check out these screens for a preview of what's to come in this new game mode:

Happy Wars Bounty Hunters Screens 01

Happy Wars Bounty Hunters Screens 2

Xbox LIVE FREE Members can now get in on the happy action as the XBLA title is no longer exclusive to Xbox LIVE Gold members! Full access is not available to FREE members though as every game mode is playable in the title except for "Multiplayer, Missions, and the Treasure Map".

Lastly, here's the short list of changes and fixes made to the game including the new game mode and access to the game for FREE members:

• Added a new game rule: Bounty Hunters.

• Happy Wars is now playable by Xbox LIVE Free members.
All game modes are available, except for Multiplayer, Missions, and the Treasure Map.

• Training Mode has been changed into Skirmish Mode.
Skirmish, unlike Training, gives players score, items, and Happy Stars.

• Item Level-Up mechanism has been changed.
Items now have an "Item Experience point" value. Items gain experience through "Item Level-Up" as before, but can also gain experience by being used in Multiplayer.
When the item accumulates a certain amount of experience, it levels up.

• Fixed an issue that was preventing the game from progressing in "Castle Defense" mode.

• Fixed various other known issues.
The 'Bounty Hunters' game mode is available to play now but will only run until January 29th. Enjoy the new game mode while it's here! Title update 11 for Happy Wars is also live now and, if you haven't done so already, you'll be prompted to download the update the next time you fire up the game.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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