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By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
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In a world where people are rendered in 3D, the only thing stopping designers from turning real people into digital heroes comprised of complex accumulations of polygons is imagination... and budget... and tech specs... and time. Regardless! Motocross fans, the time is now and this circuit needs a hero... a polygonal hero... a digital Ken De Dycker. Milestone S.r.l. is now ready to deliver that hero for their upcoming MXGP - The Official Motocross Videogame. Feast your eyes on the digital De Dycker!

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If you're not the world's biggest De Dycker fan (shame on you), here are some of his vital stats:

Number/Class: 9 MXGP
Team’s name: Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
First GP raced: 2000, GP of The Netherlands, 125cc
GP wins: 5 (MX1)
First GP win: 2007, GP of Sweden, Uddevalla, MX1
Last GP win: 2010, GP of Germany, Teutschenthal, MX1
2013 position in the Championship: 3/MX1; Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

MXGP is set for a March 28th release (in Europe) on the Xbox 360. Other regional release dates have yet to be confirmed.
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