YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z Explores Bloody Beginnings

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
If it is one thing in which Tecmo KOEI specialises, it is media assets for their upcoming titles. YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z is no different. Not only have we already had many, many screenshots, we've also had many trailers too. These trailers included a four-part developer diary series called Outbreak. Not being satisfied with four diaries, KOEI has started another series. Episode 1: Bloody Beginnings shows various Comcept, Spark Unlimited and Team Ninja employees as they detail the creation of the YAIBA, the game's new character and protagonist, and the differences between this title and your normal Ninja Gaiden title.

If you missed the original developer diary series, they can be found below. Team Ninja's executive producer Yosuke Hayashi and Comcept's CEO Keiji Inafune discuss various aspects of the game's development. A shorter version of the first episode of Outbreak can be found here.

As well as the above trailers, we have some previously released screenshots and another trailer about the Ninja Gaiden Z game mode. The 3D side-scrolling mode adds 8-bit stylized cut scenes and user interface as Yaiba takes on a hordes of enemies that include elemental zombies and mechanized enemies. More points are racked up with each kill as you try to perform large combos. Neither the chain flail nor the cybernetic rocket punch is off limits as you use every tactic possible.

Here are those promised screenshots for people who can't view the trailer:

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 1

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 2

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 3

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 4

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 5

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 6

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 7

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 8

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 9

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 10

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 11

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 12

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 13

Ninja Gaiden Z mode 14

As you likely already know, Yaiba was brought back to life through the addition of cybernetic enhancements. These enhancements must be kept at their peak performance if Yaiba is to survive. This job falls to Miss Monday, an engineer who works for Forge Industries, the company responsible for those enhancements. The pair suit each other very well; Yaiba has a ”special” attitude while Miss Monday doesn't care about right, wrong or duty.

Miss Monday

DLC costumes will be offered for this game after its release. The first alternative costume for Yaiba will be Beck from Mighty No. 9 due to a collaboration with co-developer Comcept.

DLC Beck 1

DLC Beck 2

Once Beck is released, a more-traditional camouflage DLC costume will then follow.

DLC Costumes

The third spot in the above image is reserved for the Nuiguluma Z DLC costume. I'll let Yaiba explain this one:

When Miss Monday told me she got a pink teddy outfit, I was pretty pumped. It turns out it wasn’t the kind of teddy I was thinking of… and it was for me, not her. Still, I can make anything look good. And, since it comes courtesy of another badass zombie killer, the pedigree is legit. Unlike Nuiguluma Z’s Dame-ko, I don’t have to bond with my stuffed pink teddy bear to rock these threads. After I get my revenge on Ryu and wash the zombie bloodstains out, maybe Miss Monday will model it for me? Then again, she might prefer it bloodied up – I know she loves it when I’m dirty.
DLC Nuiguluma Z

I hope that you haven't gotten sick of screenshots yet, because we have more for you. The last batch showcase Yaiba’s rage mode, Bloodlust, which is the game's equivalent of the Ultimate Technique mode found in previous Ninja Gaiden titles. When Bloodlust mode is triggered, Yaiba can kill multiple surrounding enemies within a short space of time.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5

Screen 6

Screen 7

Screen 8

Screen 9

Screen 10

Screen 11

YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z is due to be released on March 4th in North America. Unfortunately the game has been delayed in Europe by one month and will now be released on March 21st.
Rebecca Smith
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