Skullgirls Encore Upcoming DLC Stage Music

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Back in November, we heard about the issues developers Autumn Labs were experiencing with publishers Konami over patching the console version of their popular fighter, Skullgirls. As a result of the problems, the partnership between the two companies ended and the game was delisted. Sad times. However, under new publisher MarvelousAQL the game is soon to be relisted as Skullgirls Encore along with a new mode and some limited time free DLC. Happy times.

With the developers now looking forward and with the game hopefully returning to consoles shortly, they've given us a taste of some of their work for future DLC in the form of a work-in-progress version of the track for the "Under the Bridge" stage, which will come as part of the "Big Band" DLC. The track has been composed by Michiru Yamane of Castlevania fame.

Skullgirls Encore was expected by the end of January, but that window is closing quickly. Hopefully it will be with us soon. A release date for the "Big Band" DLC is unknown.
Written by Chewie
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