Mafia 2 Demo Details

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Just a brief update trickling out of Comic-Con concerning the recently announced 2K Games' Mafia 2 demo.

The level you will be playing is called "Buzzsaw". Featuring characters Joe and Henry in the summer of the 1950s. You are tasked with taking down the mob boss known as "The Fat Man."

2K says that while you will get a portion of Edge City to explore, your exploration will lead to a “type of vibrant edge-of-your-seat action.” I try to explain to people that is the same way I feel about geologic exploration. Looking at rocks is a vibrant edge-of-your-seat action that you cannot get anywhere else.

Looks like 2K will vindicate me in the end.

Some video of the level is up on YouTube. Watch if you wish to see a portion of the demo.

Demo drops August 10th.