Kingdom Come Deliverance Reaches Its Goal

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Warhorse Studios, a new developer based in Prague, has reached its goal and raised enough money to get its Kickstarter project, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a first-person action RPG, off the ground. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a non-linear, open world sandbox game that boasts realistic medieval melee combat, and it's been a long time in the making.


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Privately funded for the first 18 months, the developers created all the beautiful work that you see here to pitch the game to publishers. While admired by all, none of the publishers picked it up because they felt the game too realistic; there are no wizards, no magic, no dragons. Warhorse specifically left those things out in order to create a true-to-life experience. Based on real events of 15th century Europe, the game is historically accurate in setting, costume, weaponry, and combat.









With branching dialogue, multiple solutions to every problem, non-linear gameplay, and mountains of stats to manipulate, the game is genuinely a new experience each time that you pick up the controller. Three jobs are available to play: the knight, the rogue, or the bard.


Stand tall as a brave knight in powerful armor, going it alone or finding allies to lead into battle. Complete quests with brute force. Intimidate and threaten your enemies. Be confident, arrogant, or righteous.

Sneak behind enemy lines as an invisible thief and assassinate the enemy. Stab. Snipe. Strangle from behind. Resolve difficult situations as an invisible phantom, stealing important evidence and threatening people to get information.

Win hearts as a popular bard, persuading nobles with your silver tongue and convincing them to fight one another. Use your wits rather than your muscles to get the job done. Share drinks with people, be the funny guy everyone likes… and then stab your rivals in the back when they least expect it.
Especially important to RPG fans is the story, and Warhorse promises to deliver that in spades.

The year is 1403, and it is most certainly not the best of times. The old king is dead and his heir is weak. The new king’s brother, hungry for power allies himself with a faction of the nobility that sees this moment as an opportunity for advancement, kidnaps the king, invading the country with an army of his own to plunder this defenseless land. The aristocracy is divided between which side to support. Civil war is coming...

In the midst of this plunder and chaos, a son of a blacksmith will emerge as a hero. His home destroyed and his family murdered by the invading army, he must redeem his failure to protect those he loved and set things right again. Avenging the dead, safeguarding the kingdom’s rightful ruler, and restoring order will prove no small feat for our adventurer. But beware - this is not a fantasy fairytale, and you are not the chosen one! This will be a tough, dirty job that only a champion with enough wits and strength will survive.











Built on Cryengine technology, the game offers beautiful HD visuals and textures, cycling days/nights and weather patterns, seamless environs, and non-existent loading times. The list of features is extensive:

-Non-linear story lets you choose between being a villain or a savior. Every quest can be solved in multiple ways.

-A revolutionary combat system based on inverse kinematics, the only one of its kind to offer a rich, authentic yet easy-to-control, first-person melee experience. Based on actual 15th century fighting techniques and designed in cooperation with medieval martial arts experts.

-Improve your character. Different play styles - warrior, rogue or bard - can be mixed and matched as you see fit. You can develop your skills, earn new perks, and fine-tune your equipment.

-Large realistic, medieval-themed, open world landscape covering 3.5 square miles and 30 hours of gameplay (in first act, out of 3 total).

-Lead the charge in enormous, open field battles and sieges. You are no superhero. If you’re going to take on an army of enemies, you better find one of your own to back you up.

-Take a trip through the Middle Ages: Traverse sprawling cities, magnificent castles, towering, dark forests, and muck-strewn villages.

-Discover this huge world from horseback or on foot. If you can see it, you can visit it.

-A dynamic world comes alive. Every inhabitant plays a role in their communities, and as night follows day, you can watch people work, help them when needed, or try to interfere in their routine and see what happens.

-Build relationships with characters, become a criminal or a local hero, seduce local women, threaten your enemies or pardon vanquished opponents.

-Create your own weapons, cook, brew up potions, or dig around for silver. All crafting occurs in-game, using clever mini-games, rather than boring, soulless menus.
This list only hints at the amazing depth of detail in the game. Every action affects your reputation and society at large. If you commit a crime, you will be reported to the authorities by witnesses. You can be jailed, clapped in the stocks, or tortured. If you go on a crime spree, you can affect the local economy. You must eat and drink to stay alive and healthy. If you keep food in your inventory for too long, it will spoil. The developers have attempted to be realistic in every possible way.

Warhorse Studios, while new itself, is run by a bunch of old pros:

As a studio, Warhorse may be new to this industry, but the people behind it are not. Our team has worked on games like Mafia, Mafia 2, ArmA, Operation Flashpoint, Crysis 3, and Forza Horizon, to name a few. Most of us have worked together in the past, so we know each other well. As of now, we have about thirty people on staff, which is, of course, not enough to make the kind of large RPG we have in mind in any timely fashion. Ideally, we’d like to grow our studio to about 75 people for a project of this nature.
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Remaining true to their vision of what Kingdom Come: Deliverance should be is what drove Warhorse to Kickstarter when publishers weren't forthcoming. Their private backer still supports them but became more hesitant when big publishers turned them down, so the developer began a fund-raising campaign to show that gamers want what they have to offer. They've blown through their original goal of £300,000 ($500,000; €350,000 - approximately 10% of what the game development is expected to cost total) and are currently over £500,000 ($800,000; €600,000). With each goal obtained, new features become possible. If £600,000 ($1,000,000; €700,000) is reached, for example, a playable female character will be added.

Contributions begin at £3 ($5.00; €3.50) - Peasant Class - and continue through multiple tiers all the way up to Saint Class, which requires a pledge of at least £5,000 ($8,000; €6,000). Each tier offers backers unique rewards in appreciation of the support.

If you're interested in becoming a contributor or just want more information about the game, check out Warhorse's Kickstarter page here. Pledges will be accepted through February 20th.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected out in the fourth quarter of 2015.
Cindy Minguez
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