Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month Announced

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
To say thank you to fans who have stuck with them through some turbulent times in Battlefield 4, DICE has announced the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month, starting on February 1st.

Firstly, every day during the month that you log into the game, you will receive either a Bronze Battlepack, if it's a weekday, or a Silver Battlepack, if it's a weekend. For those who haven't opened any Battlepacks in the past, they are packs that contain bonuses like XP boosts or soldier camos, and get better when you increase it from a Bronze pack to a Silver pack, etc. The various Community Missions that will take place during the month will allow players to work together to unlock Gold Battlepacks to enjoy. DICE has revealed that the first of these challenges will task the community with grabbing a set number of dog tags during a specified time; more details on this first mission will be coming soon.

DICE will also be releasing different shortcut bundles for standard Battlefield 4 players and Premium members in particular. The bundle that will be accessible to everybody will allow players to unlock all grenades and handguns that are included in the base version of Battlefield 4. For the premium members, two additional shortcut bundles will be released which will unlock all DMRs and shotguns. These shortcut bundles are completely voluntary to use, and will be available as free downloads when they are released.

A double XP weekend will also be taking place sometime during the month, and an additional weekend will take place for those who are Premium members.

Lastly, a series of DICE Developer Talks will take place during the month which will give players a chance to ask the developers questions surrounding the game. Questions could be about their line of work, about the effort that goes into Battlefield 4, or what the balancing process of the game looks like. More information about these interviews and when they will take place will be announced once the month kicks off.

DICE also made separate note that the fan-favorite feature, Platoons, will be returning in February as well. This allows players to team up with friends to create their own social space and accumulate stats together. They also noted that other requested feature additions are being worked on and will be discussed more in the future.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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