Midnight City Claims Blood of the Werewolf

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Midnight City is a newly formed publishing label. As part of Majesco Entertainment, the label will be focusing on the publication of indie titles. Their first acquisition was Slender: The Arrival, and they've followed that up by becoming the publisher for Scientifically Proven's upcoming Blood of the Werewolf.

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During the day, Selena is a mother and wife. On special nights, Selena is a werewolf. After her husband is murdered and her son is kidnapped, Selena sets out to rescue him while gaining revenge. She can shift seamlessly from human form to werewolf when in view of a full moon. As a human, players get the use of a crossbow; as a werewolf she gets speed, stamina and strength bonuses. Her powers and weapons can be upgraded through power-ups that are hidden away in secret areas in the punishing platformer. If the foes aren't challenging enough, players will need to master pressure sensitive, air controls for those precise jumps and falls.

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The online leaderboards will allow players to view their level and checkpoint split times to see how they are doing. Love them or hate them, there are also hundreds of "collectibles, hidden items and nods to retro classics" for those completionists to start fretting over. The character roster includes re-imagined icons such as The Creature, Jekyll & Hyde, The Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster.

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Since the game's release on Steam back in October, the developer has been hard at work to create new content that will be coming first to the console version of the title. The Endless Challenge mode produces a never-ending increasingly-difficult chain of gauntlets that players can use to build skills and reflexes as they attempt to survive. The Master Challenges are challenge rooms that are based around the developer's favourite configurations. Finally, Score Rush mode challenges players to get the quickest time while getting as many kills as possible.

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Scientifically Proven and Midnight City are planning to release Blood of the Werewolf on XBLA in Q2 2014.
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