New Achievement Flag System

By Chad and Jessie, 4 years ago
Hello fellow TA’ers,

Every couple of years the Game Info Team reviews and updates some of the features we manage on the site. This past year we took on the task of updating the achievement flags. We are always attempting to keep up with the ever changing types of achievements as well as provide the community with the clearest information to help you all in your achievement-gaining ventures.

Some of you may have already noticed the changes to the New Flag Definitions. Not only did every flag definition get an overhaul (some only required a few tweaks), we added a few new flags, and we also added synergy flags.

What are synergies flags??? I’m so glad you asked. Sometimes when two flags are place on an achievement together it can create a slightly altered version from the use of the single flag by itself. For these cases, we have created synergy definitions to clearly explain when and why the flags were used together for that specific achievement.

You may have also noticed that the Flag Definitions page is now full of examples. To help the community better understand the use of these flags, we wanted to provide references and examples, as sometimes the definition page and its “wall o’ text” just don’t do enough. Why bore people with words when we can dazzle them with color and pictures, right??? smile

While I’m not going to cover all the changes that have been made, I do want to highlight just a few for you. I’d like you all to welcome a couple of new flags to the flock:

Partly Unobtainable/Discontinued
Partly Unobtainable/Discontinued

This is a flag that is used to notify the public to ‘watch out’ - that you might not actually be able to gain this achievement. Sometimes an achievement (or part of an achievement) becomes discontinued. If you had previously met the requirements, you might still be able to gain the achievement, while the rest of us are ‘out-of-luck’. A perfect example of this is Yoostar Completist in Yoostar 2: In The Movies. If you had earned the 2.5 million Famestar points prior to the servers being shut down, you would still be able to net this achievement.

Buggy +
Buggy + and
Buggy -
Buggy -

Previously this was one flag; Buggy. However, since it was being used for both achievements that can unlock early as well as achievements that sometimes don’t unlock as they are described, it became too muddy and confusing. To help fix this confusion we have broken this into two separate flags; one to indicate those achievements that may unlock early or other positive ways, like OMG Indeed! in Dance Central 3, and one to indicate those achievements that you may need to ‘watch out’ for, like There is no Cake in Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Now starts the big job of re-flagging all 2400+ games on the site. The Game Info Team has already started working on this mammoth task and during this initial time we have disabled Achievement Flagging Submissions. As expected, once we started getting into the trenches with the re-flagging process, we knew we’d have little tweaks, adjustments, and possible synergy additions needed. We are actively working on this, resolving these additions as needed, and as soon as we have our feet underneath us with these adjustments we will open up flagging submission again. We GREATLY appreciate all the submissions and I’m sure some of you are very eager to get your hands on the new flags and assist us. Thanks in advance for your patience with us as we are putting the finishing touches on this feature.

I’d also like to take a minute to say a special thanks to the Game Info Team, both past members as well as current members. The time and effort you all have put into creating, defining, and altering these flags has been long and cumbersome. I can’t speak for the entire community, but I personally appreciate everything you all have put in to make this happen. toast