KS Rivals International Champions Detailed

By Ellis Spice, 4 years ago
Owners of an Xbox One have been able to take a sneak peek at the Wake Racing mode of Kinect Sports Rivals for a while now, thanks to the Preseason Demo of the game. For playing the game in December and January, players were able to unlock rewards for the full game, and it'll be no different for the month of February.

Starting on February 1st, players will represent their country and battle to top the leaderboard both nationally and internationally. At the end of the month, the person at the top of the global leaderboard will be rewarded with an in-game gold-encrusted wake-racer, with those who set the best time for their country getting a silver-encrusted wake racer. Those from the country the overall winner represented will also be rewarded with a special wake racer based on the flag of the winning country.

Gold Racer

Silver Racer

Rare have also released a short trailer for the upcoming event:

Kinect Sports Rivals is set to release in Spring 2014.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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