Take a Closer Look at Killer Instinct's Spinal

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
Double Helix has released a full character briefing for Spinal, their first new DLC character in Killer Instinct. Spinal and his accessory sets will be available for those with the Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker versions of the game, so those looking to buy him individually may have a period of time to wait.

Spinal has been described as having a mixture of deadly attacks, which makes it difficult for the opponent to defend against. Also in Spinal's arsenal is a resource called SKULLS which he earns by completing specific tasks, which in turn gives him more moves to use. He also has the ability to drain an opponent's Instinct and Shadow meter. Take a look at the full moves list below.

Unique Combo Trait
· Spectral Manuals – After performing an auto-double, SPINAL will be able to press the same strength button to summon spectral limbs to add an additional hit while in combo. Player will be able to combo further after a successful SPECTRAL MANUAL.

· Cursing – Spinal has the trait to be able to consume and absorb opponent Shadow Meter, and Instinct meter. While the opponent is cursed, they can cleanse curse(s) by successfully hitting Spinal.
Command Moves
· Bone Runner – Spinal runs towards the opponent. *This replaces his dash toward command. Users will be able to special cancel out of Bone Runner

· Power Devour – Absorbs opponent “SPECIAL” attacks. Each successful absorb, will grant Spinal (1) Skull for use. Spinal can store up to (5) skulls at one time.

· Shield Crush – Overhead attack which can be special canceled into any special move.

· Dive Kick – Quick downward attack from air. *Will trigger as an OPENER when hit.
Special Moves
· Searing Skull – Skulls give Spinal access to three versatile projectile attacks that curse an opponent when they successfully hit. Spinals projectiles shoot in the following: Low | Mid | Overhead. Using searing skull as an ender grants the player (1) skull per LEVEL of the ender.

· Soul Sword – Sword attack that has upper body invulnerability. With a use of a skull resource, Soul Sword (HP) will strike the opponent twice. Great use for linkers, as well as an anti-air. Using this as an ender also grants “launcher” properties and follow-ups.

· Bone Shoulder – Forward advancing shoulder tackle. Great tool when used as OPENER, as it can close character distance and link directly to combos. When used as an ENDER, Bone Shoulder will have wall bounce properties. While having a skull in-stock, Heavy version of Bone Shoulder has projectile invulnerability.

· Skeleport – One of Spinal’s key moves for closing gaps, and getting out of sticky situations. Skeleport’s spawn points upon input are based on the strength of the button used. While having a skull, Skeleport can be canceled into any special move. When used as an ENDER, Skeleport will be his damage ender.
Shadow Moves
· Searing Skull – Spinal launches a large projectile that travels horizontally across the screen. A successful hit will curse the opponent and consume their INSTINCT mode, which adds-on to Spinal’s Instinct meter over time.

· Soul Sword – Maintains upper-body invulnerability, great tool to extend juggles. Soul Sword hits extremely fast and will be a great way to build damage while the opponent is locked out.

· Bone Shoulder –Spinal uses his shield to strike at the opponent (5) times. This attack has throw invulnerability, and has great utility when combined with skeleport.

· Skeleport – S.skeleport will teleport behind the opponent to strike and launch the opponent in the air. S.Skeleport can also be used while in-air, and also in combo.
Instinct Mode
Spinal activates by turning into his spectral self and will instantly gain the maximum amount of skulls which will have a quick regeneration rate while Instinct mode is activated. Instinct mode will also increases the rate of consumption while the opponent is cursed.

Alongside the release of a new character, Double Helix has outlined a new update that will be coming along as well. Perhaps the most fascinating part of this update is Double Helix's answer for those that rage quit ranked matches, something that they have entitled JAIL. After a player has played a minimum of 10 matches, if their disconnect percentage exceeds 15% they will be placed in JAIL. When a player gets sent to JAIL they are there for a period of 24 hours, and can only play against other players who are also in JAIL. Each subsequent time that you are sent to JAIL, an extra 24 hours gets tacked on, up to a maximum of five offenses, or 120 hours. Additionally, anytime a player is sent to JAIL it will count as a loss on their record. So for any rage quitter reading this, you may want to think twice before quitting on your opponent.

Here is the rest of what will be included in the newest update:

New Content
Meld will now greet you each time you start up Killer Instinct to highlight any updates or news!

Practice Mode Position Reset Added
Players now have the ability to quickly reset their character positioning by using the commands below while in PRACTICE MODE:
- View + Menu – Reset both characters back to the starting locations in the center of the stage
- View + Menu + Left – Reset both characters on the left side of the stage
- View + Menu + Right – Reset both characters on the right side of the stage

Leaderboards Quick Search
Players will now be able to press “Y” to see the top rank of that specific leaderboard.
General Fixes
Fixed an issue where users would hear audio distortion during ULTRA COMBO sequences.

Several issues have been fixed to make sure that the AI will react accurately towards the settings of the player.
Online Fixes
Ranked search will now properly search for the ranks nearest to your rank, then slowly expand its ranked search range over 1 min.

Fixed an issue when you tried to join an invite and it would fail because it was waiting for you to leave your previous session.

Fix spelling errors in “Journeyman” and “Baller” Rank Title graphics.

Fixed hosting an Exhibition Match while player rank was above 20.

Potential Rank Up / Rank Down messages will no longer stay on the screen if the opponent disconnects during the match.

Fixed post-match screen showing incorrect win/loss in Exhibition Match.

Ranking bar animation on loss has been fixed, and will now properly display.
Character Updates
Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a Shadow Endokuen without using meter.

Tracking properties of OVERPOWER (Back + Heavy Punch) will no longer auto correct if the opponent jumps over Sabrewulf.

Fix to Shadow Itch – Ni – San getting broken when used as an opener in certain cases.

Fix to web ball causing a blowout reaction during ultra if opponent was already above 100 KV.
Double Helix has not yet confirmed when Killer Instinct's "Spinal" DLC will be available.
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