New trailers released today

By GameTagwastaken, 9 years ago
Singularity is arriving in the fall of this year. Your character is a pilot who crash lands on a Russian island that was home to Philadelphia Experiment type research. So time bubbles cause the island to go back and forth from 1950 to the present. You also get a weapon that allows you to restore objects from their modern dilapidated state to their pristine 1950s condition. The voice acting might need some work based on the trailer and but this game has potential to be great... or be a little too similar to Dark Sector with it's new mechanics, Russian setting, and utter failure. Check out the trailer at the official website for more.

Secondly, Dante's Inferno got a new trailer today. Developed by EA Redwood Shores of Dead Space fame, the game is most easily described God of War set in Dante's Divine Comedy. Currently the game is only confirmed for PS3, but it is said to be coming to other platforms and x360 is widely considered to be among them. Let's hope that's the case! no release window has been announced.