TA Gaming Stats - Jan 27th to Feb 2nd 2014

By Chewie, 4 years ago
This report is for the period January 27th to February 2nd 2014.

Good morrow weary internet traveller. Pull up a stool and let one of my Ewok helpers, the Statisticles, pour you a swig of finest "Wookiee Water" whilst I regale you with the stats from the end of January and the beginning of February here on TA.

Games Started
28,184 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 41,177 games between them (1,957 different games).

Last week, I was moaning about the relative lack of new releases for the One since its launch giving us pretty lacklustre numbers. Well, it's almost as though someone heard my whining, because here we are with the numbers finally shaken up with a new release...sort of. Although it's technically just a prettied up version of last year's third most popular 360 titles, at least Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition gives us something new(ish) to talk about. With over 1,700 people picking it up, it easily claims the top spot with almost four times more starters than the next game on the table, Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One). I wonder how many of those players were coming to the game fresh and how many had already got it on the 360. I asked one of my Statisticles, Gaston, to try and find out, but he just returned with an arrow in the knee. That Lara is one tough cookiee.

For some reason, CoD: Ghosts sees a slight rise in numbers from 390 to 450, elevating it from fourth to second. I can't figure out why, but it's not exactly a big bump so it's probably nothing in particular. Last week's deal title, Powerstar Golf, slips back down the table from first into bottom place, whereas this week's discounted offering, Crimson Dragon, gets raised up the table. However, it doesn't quite reach the heights of its predecessor, having to settle for seventh place with 330 starters.

Top Xbox One Games Started

Pulling in just over the amount of starters as Tomb Raider over on the One, this fortnight's "Games with Gold" freebie, Dead Island (Xbox 360), brings in almost 1,800 starters in just two days.

Although we do get the luxury of a new release in the form of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, it pulls in such low numbers, at less than 430 it only manages to fourth place, behind previous freebie Sleeping Dogs and last week's deal title Dark Souls. Discounts this week see Alice: Madness Returns and Mirror's Edge taking seventh and ninth places with 320 and 240 starters respectively.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

In its last five days of freeness, "Games with Gold" title Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light manages to claim almost 1,800 starters, taking one more starter than its successor, Dead Island. Still, with Lara taking the top spot on two platforms' tables, it's clear who's top dog around here at the moment.

Already released to Windows Phone, Windows Eight and, more recently, Xbox One, Halo: Spartan Assault (iOS) finally made its way onto the 360, pulling in over 750 starters and a second place position in its release week. Interestingly enough, recent release Assassin's Creed Liberation HD disappears from the table, despite its third place position last week.

Although it is still yet to be released and has been in beta since August, the last days of the beta for strategy title World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition meant that gamers' progress and achievements got scanned into Live, so it shows up here with over 660 starters in third place.

Sales play a big part in proceedings mid table, with Shank 2 in sixth, Contrast in seventh and Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds in eighth, all appearing courtesy of discounts.

Top Arcade Games Started

The deal of the week also has an effect over the Windows Phone table, with the discounted Carcassonne (WP) taking top spot with almost 150 starters and last week's deal title Collapse! (WP) slipping into sixth.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
6,689 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 9,187 games between them (1,312 different games).

With its grindy multiplayer hampering completions, Tomb Raider fails to make an appearance on the completed table. What we get instead is mostly a rehash of previous weeks. However, Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) does take a step up the table, presumably thanks to an achievement fixing patch. The release of the "Spinal" DLC for Killer Instinct helps bump the game up into tenth place with 25 completions.

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Sleeping Dogs sees a slight dip in completions, but it maintains its number one spot with almost 120, despite LEGO Marvel Super Heroes increasing its completions from 85 to 110. Thanks to the "Citadel" DLC for Mass Effect 3 (finally) seeing a discount, the completions for the title shoot up to almost 100, securing it a third place spot.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

Thanks to the release of Episode Two's achievements to Live prior to its release, The Wolf Among Us vanishes from the completion table. It will, of course, be back with a vengeance next week. In its place, it lets its cousin The Walking Dead: Season Two take the spotlight with nearly 240 completions.

Despite disappearing from Games Started, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD continues to hold mostly firm on the Completed table, slipping slightly from second to third. Replacing it in second is Lara Croft, which jumps up from fourth place, despite actually getting fewer completions than last week.

Of the deal titles, the super easy completion of Contrast (currently at 53% of players having finished it) puts it in sixth with over 120 completions.

Top Arcade Games Completed

With its 93% completion percentage, Collapse was always going to stay at the top of this table for a little while longer than its reign on the started table. Despite over halving its completions this week from 250 to under 125, it retains the top spot above Temple Run 2 (WP) and all other challengers.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
70,156 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 766,069 achievements online between them (52,087 different achievements).

Although not really making an impact on the Started and Completed tables, the "Onslaught" DLC for CoD: Ghosts makes its presence felt on Achievements Won, claiming four spots on the table. The rest is filled up with Dead Island, with the most popular achievement for that game being Need a Hand? for joining another player's game. Awwww, look at that. Free games bringing people together.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Still proving the most played game by far on Arcade, Lara Croft claims all but one spot on the table, with Halo: SA sneaking in at eighth with Recruit.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Although Carcassonne might be the most started game and Collapse! might be the most completed, Microsoft Mahjong (WP) looks to be the most played, taking the top seven spots on the table.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Despite the bump in numbers from Tomb Raider, Action-Adventure actually sees a slight dip on Genre, whilst the CoD: Ghosts DLC helps Shooter gain over 600,000. Role-Playing gets a bigger bump of 700,000 thanks to Dead Island, although its not enough to push it up from fourth place.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure7,684,656
  • Shooter5,186,763
  • Action3,022,533
  • Role-Playing2,453,482
  • Sports1,719,440
  • Racing1,151,516
  • Platformer732,673
  • Puzzle598,136
  • Strategy354,675
  • Adventure297,493

Last week we looked at the top ten Xbox One titles that were also released to Xbox 360 and compared how many starters each game had on the two platforms to see which game was more popular on which console. This week, we're going to take those same ten titles and compare the completion percentages on both platforms to see if there are any anomalies. For the sake of consistency, these numbers do not include DLC, mostly because of Battlefield 4 having DLC out on the One that isn't yet on the 360.

Completion Percentages for the Top Ten Xbox One Games Started With 360 Equivalents (as of 09/02/2014)

The 360 Equivalents (as of 09/02/2014)

Thank goodness for that. If they'd have been exactly the same, this exercise would've been rather pointless.

On both platforms, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is by far the easiest completion, as LEGO titles normally are. The 360 edges it with an over 4% higher proportion of players having completed it on that console than on the One.

The two big franchise shooters, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 both have just under 4% completion percentage on the One (discounting any DLC), however on the 360 both get a higher percentage, with CoD reaching just over 4% and Battlefield getting even higher with over 5.5%,

Zoo Tycoon has one of the biggest discrepancies between the platforms, with over 7.5% of players having finished it on the 360 in third place, compared to just over 2.5% of players having completed it on the One in sixth place. Need for Speed Rivals similarly gets a 3% higher completion percentage on the 360

The bottom three spots are the same on both tables, with Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One), Just Dance 2014 (Xbox One) and NBA 2K14 (Xbox One) having the lowest completion percentages on both platforms. Madden is the only game on the list to get a higher percentage of completions on the One than on the 360, whereas Just Dance and NBA both get higher percentages on the 360. However, in all three cases we're talking about such small numbers that even one extra completion could make a big change. For instance, the difference between completions for Just Dance is six completions on the 360 and...five on the One! And NBA, that's the difference five completions on the 360 and a great big fat zero on the One.

Some of these discrepancies will be down to the 360 version coming out before the One version, but some are down to differing achievement lists between the two versions. Sometimes, the achievement lists have some slight differences, such as Just Dance and sometimes they're significantly different, such as NBA. Sometimes they're the same except that the One version has a couple more achievements, such as on Zoo Tycoon and Madden. For some reason, FIFA is the same list but the One has fewer achievements. However, titles such as Assassin's Creed, LEGO, CoD, Battlefield and NFS have identical lists and still show discrepancies.

That's all for now folks. Join us next week for, you guessed it, more Stats! At least we'll have two more new releases in the forms of "Episode 2" of The Wolf Among Us and Fable Anniversary to talk about.
Written by Chewie
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