BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Dated

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
Gamers will need to wait a few more weeks to finish Irrational's return to Rapture in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)'s "Burial at Sea" DLC. "Episode Two", which will put gamers in the shoes of Elizabeth and deliver a more stealth-oriented experience (along with new weapons and modes) is set to be released on March 25th.

Everyone's favorite creative, Ken Levine, expounds upon the depth and importance of the story of "Burial at Sea".

In Burial at Sea – Episode Two, we are delivering a story that involves nearly every major character from the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite. It is a story that will give gamers a new perspective on the BioShock universe and conclude the story of BioShock Infinite and Burial at Sea.
Rather than leave gamers with dry sockets, Irrational has also released a new screnshot, showing off Elizabeth's perspective for the first time.


For those craving more news and info on "Burial at Sea", feel free to check out our review of "Episode One" and the Teaser Trailer for "Episode Two".

BioShock Infinite's "Burial at Sea - Episode Two" will be released on March 25th and will cost $14.99 (or your regional equivalent). Both episodes of "Burial at Sea" and the combat-focused "Clash in the Clouds" are included in the Season Pass, which costs $19.99 (or your regional equivalent).
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