Mass Effect 2 Weapons Pack Accidently Revealed

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Some of you noticed something fishy about the "Lair of the Shadowbroker" DLC announced earlier in the week.

Doktor Brun said:
Are those new weapons i spy too?
Confused Shelf said:
Yes there is a new Assault Rifle, a new Shotgun and the new M-5 heavy Pistol
Confused Shelf said:
Sheperd is holding a new Heavy Pistol in the first picture called the M-5. He is holding a new Assault Rifle in the second picture. On his back in the first and second picture can be seen a new Shotgun.
Well, it turns out those are new weapons but they are not going to be bundled with "Lair of the Shadowbroker." Jarret Lee over at the official Bioware forum had this to say about the new weapons:

Hi everyone,

As Christina tweeted, some of the new guns you are seeing in those screens are not in the Lair of the Shadow Broker pack. They are in fact part of a different pack that will be released prior to Lair of the Shadowbroker - more details coming very soon. While this was simply intended to tease them I can see how it could be misleading, so I must apologize for that.

Lair of the Shadow Broker does, however, contain some *really* cool stuff we haven't revealed yet so stay tuned for more details as we head into August. And actually the very coolest part of the DLC (imho) will be something we absolutely won't reveal in the marketing or PR, to avoid spoiling it. I think most of you will find it to be our most satisfying DLC release yet for ME2.

Best Regards,

The screen are included in the announcement article for the new Mass Effect 2 DLC.