MXGP Showcases Bobryshev Gameplay

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Just yesterday we covered the latest batch of screenshots for MXGP - The Official Motocross Videogame that showed the latest rider to be confirmed, Evgeny Bobryshev, as he hurtled around the Dutch track Valkenswaard. Today we can bring you the gameplay footage to go with those screenshots.

This video is not solely for the purpose of watching a new rider travel around a new track; the video wants to show off two of the main gameplay features that aim to create the most authentic Motocross experience possible. The first feature is soil deformation, where the track's surface and condition will change from race to race. No track will be flat and soil cracks will be present from the very start of the race. This will make further races more challenging. The second feature is the first-person view, allowing players to get a better perspective of the ruts and jumps caused by the soil deformation.

The official blurb for the video also confirmed separate analogue sticks. The sticks can be used to control the rider and motorbike separately. The left joystick will control the motorbike, while the right joystick will control the distribution of the rider's weight. This will allow players to perform whips or scrubs in their own style as they ride. The better your performance, the more offers that you will receive from championship teams after each race.

To help improve your performance, you will be able to work on the set up of the bike before each race. You can customise the dampening, gears and brakes for each track. If you wish to save your set-up then you can do so, allowing you to load it up at any time. As far as customising your rider goes, you will be able to change their headgear, boots, player name, number and racing colours. All of the clothing and accessories will be restricted by the licence for the team for which you are racing.

The rest of the tracks have been confirmed for the title too. Due to the game's licensing regulations, players will not be able to create their own tracks within the game, but there will still be plenty of choice. As well as the previously revealed Italian track of Maggiora, Brazil's Beto Carrero and, of course, Valkenswaard, these tracks will be appearing in the game:

• BELGIUM: Bastogne
• FINLAND: Hyvinkää
• FRANCE: Ernee
• GERMANY: Lausitzring
• GERMANY: Teutschenthal
• GREAT BRITAIN: Matterley Basin
• LATVIA: Kegums
• PORTUGAL: Agueda
• QATAR: Losail
• SWEDEN: Uddevalla
• THAILAND: Si Racha

European gamers who want to take to any of the above tracks will have to wait until March 28th. Developer Milestone is still trying to sort out a publishing agreement for North America and Australia and is hoping to have an announcement on this in the future.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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